125 years of Indiana Audubon

Join Indiana Audubon as we celebrate our 125th anniversary in 2023! Indiana Audubon is the oldest conservation organization continuously operating in Indiana, and the fourth oldest “Audubon” in the country. Founded in 1898, we truly represent a community through conservation.

Help us celebrate 125 years of rich history, and another 125 years of important research, conservation, and education for of the natural resources and birds we love. How can you help us celebrate?

Find Your Spark…..

Birds provide joy for us all. We often are brought to birds through different means. It may be their aesthetic beauty, the miracle of flight, the awe of migration, or the therapeutic value birds provide. No matter what your birding origin story is, for 125 years Indiana Audubon has been there to assist in bringing birds to people. No matter what brings you to birds we hope you’ll find your birding spark with Indiana Audubon in 2023.

Do you have a species that was your spark bird? Did you have a pivotal birding moment or experience? Share your spark stories with us on our Spark Stories Form or with us at [email protected].

Special Events and Activities

  • Kick off the New Year, and the first event of our 125th anniversary by joining the First Day Hike at Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary, January 1st at 10am ET.
  • Be part of our spring 125th celebration with the Indiana Audubon Spring Gathering at Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary, April 29th.
  • Indiana Audubon is seeking to declare the week of September 17-23, Migratory Bird Awareness Week. Stay tuned for more info.
  • Join us for our 125th Anniversary Party at Eagle Creek Park In Indianapolis September 23rd. More details Here!
  • Find 125 birds for the 125th Anniversary! Log your sightings on eBird.org and complete the online form for your chance to win prizes, and your own 125th anniversary commemorative decal. Find your birds anytime in 2023, and submit your results by January 15, 2024. Want some help finding 125 birds? Join us for our special 125th anniversary monthly bird walks on the first Saturday of each month at Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary in 2023.
  • #Audubon125 Trips in 2023. Join us for a selection of 125th anniversary field trips, visiting the best in Indiana birding at some of the first birding sites Indiana Audubon visited so many years ago.
  • Enjoy a beer or cider at the annual Indiana Dunes Birding Festival’s Birds and Brew, May 12th. A dollar from every beer, wine, and cider sale will benefit the Mumford & Keller Grants and Scholarship Program in 2023.

Programs and Initiatives

  • Explore 125 ways you can help the birds in the December/January Cardinal
  • Visit the Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary Interpretive Birding Trail this summer at Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary. Learn about the importance of MGBS for breeding and migratory Bird Species.
  • Indiana Audubon is committed to promoting independent and academic research at Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary. To that end we’re announcing a 125th anniversary grant program for research projects at Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary.
  • In a landmark study, Indiana Audubon will embark on the first full scale survey of migrating jaegers on the southern shore of Lake Michigan into Indiana. The fall migration will be documented in the first full season research survey to learn more about the importance for Indiana as an inland migratory hotspot for this most unusual group of birds. Special events will offer members a chance to witness this difficult to see migration.
  • Indiana Audubon will expand upon 2022’s successful Black Rail survey program. Additional sites are being identified, and automated recording units do the work in detecting this very difficult to find and Federally Threatened species nesting right here in the Hoosier state.
  • Help us prepare for Chasing Melody in 2024. Your support will kick off the next 125 years with amazing research and insight into the at risk Wood Thrush.

IAS 125th Anniversary Merchandise

Grab some great 125th anniversary merchandise in the online store. All proceeds benefit the Indiana Audubon mission.

About the IAS 125th Anniversary Logos

Special Thanks to Scott Arvin, for designing our 125th anniversary logos. For 125 years our state bird, the Northern Cardinal has represented Indiana Audubon. As we look back on our past and look towards the future, we hope you like these logos and what they represent.

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