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The Science at Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary


As stated as the purpose of the Indiana Audubon Society in the IAS Bylaws, one of the functions of the IAS is to engage in scientific and educational pursuits that will assist in the protection and conservation of “…natural resources including water, air, soil, plants and wildlife, especially birds, and to stimulate in Indiana public appreciation of the values of such natural resources and the need for their conservation.” The Society has participated in research efforts in the past through the IAS publications, Rare Bird Hotline, Breeding Bird Atlas, bird checklists, and botanical lists.

Current research efforts that utilize the IAS’s Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary, (MGBS) are described in detail in the pages that follow. These projects have gained access to the MGBS by submitting research proposals to Indiana Audubon.  Key elements to proposals have included long term projects that are established in such a fashion that follow up studies can be conducted by the initial researchers or different groups that have similar or related interests. Providing baseline and subsequent data for utilization by MGBS management and school group extensions is a collaborative effort that provides scholarship for researchers, researchers in training, and valuable information for IAS’s property.

To make initial contact for research collaboration, please consult and complete our research proposal guidelines.

New in 2023, researchers, both academic and independent, may apply for our 125th Anniversary Research Fund to support research activities at Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary.  Over $2,500 will be available for research proposals. Click Here to Learn More and Apply.


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