Indiana Audubon reminds birders that despite our chaotic birding lives the next two days, we invite you to treat this temporary downtime of eBird for maintenance as a welcomed break rather than a disruption. Despite the platform’s invaluable contribution to the birding community, two days of maintenance can provide an opportunity for individuals to step back, reflect, and engage with nature in a more personal, offline manner. Birders may find solace in exploring their local habitats without the digital distraction, allowing them to reconnect with the essence of birding—being present in the moment and attuned to the natural world around them. Unless you’re a big year birder, then we guess it really sucks right now.

Ultimately, this brief hiatus of eBird serves as a reminder of the importance of balance in our relationship with technology and nature. While digital platforms like eBird enhance our ability to document and understand avian movements, they should not overshadow the simple joys of birding itself. Embracing the downtime as an opportunity to engage directly. Visit a nature center feeder, your favorite spot on the Indiana Birding Trail, or go clean out your bluebird boxes. When eBird returns refreshed and revitalized, birders and IAS members can resume their contributions with renewed enthusiasm, enriched by their offline experiences and ready to continue finding that spark.

So, no, we really aren’t offering stickers, but it’d be cool if we had!  


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