Banded Loggerhead Shrike by Amy Kearns.

Help save the shrike! Indiana Audubon, in partnership with the Division of Fish and Wildlife and the Loggerhead Shrike Working Group have teamed up to help provide shrubs for shrikes in the Adopt a Shrike Program.

The loggerhead shrike is a state endangered species that has experienced precipitous declines in recent years. In the late 1980s, Indiana’s Loggerhead Shrike population consisted of nearly one hundred breeding pairs. Ongoing monitoring efforts now identify fewer than ten breeding pairs annually in the entire state. Habitat loss due to changes in land use is likely a contributing factor, as much of the grassland habitat in their historical range has been developed or converted to large scale agriculture.

Remaining shrike breeding pairs now tend to occupy small farms with over grazed pasture, barbed wire fences, and nest bushes. Overgrazed pastures produce bare ground, which provides ideal hunting conditions for shrikes who need to spot and capture prey on the ground, but little nesting trees and shrubs.  The DNR’s current efforts are 

working to provide shrike nesting habitat by focusing on nest bushes and shrubs along fence-rows.  In helping with this initiative, IAS and the DNR Division of Fish and Wildlife Non-game program is teaming up for the Adopt a Shrike program. Donors will receive a special adoption certificate highlighting the shrike research and conservation being done, an annual report detailing all of the year’s shrike banding efforts, and a commemorative “Never met a shrike I didn’t like” T-shirt.  Each adoption is $50 and can be purchased through the IAS Online Store. 

Want to learn more about the shrike research being done and ways you can help the program, visit the Loggerhead Shrike Working group at or the DNR Shrike page at  If you’d like to learn more about the DNR Nongame Fund, or to donate directly, visit here.


If you see a loggerhead shrike, please report it to:
Amy Kearns
562 DNR Road
Mitchell, IN 47446
(812) 849-4586 ext. 223
[email protected]


Update June 2020:
Fledgling shrikes using planted cedar trees in Daviess County!



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