The James H. Mason Service Award is given annually. The recipient must be a member of the Indiana Audubon Society. This award was initiated in 1990.

“The James H. Mason Service Award is presented to members of the Indiana Audubon Society who have dedicated themselves through service to the society. It is rare when the commitment exhibited by James H. Mason is seen in individuals. It serves as an inspiration and focus for others, to work with such individuals. This award recognizes and expresses heartfelt appreciation for those IAS members who evoke the memory and dedication of James H. Mason.”

Interested in nominating someone? Complete the online form below.  Deadline to nominate is September 1 each year. 

For questions and inquiries, contact Awards Chair, Kim Ehn.

Folks who have received the award in the past are: Patricia Newforth, Henry West, Robert Miller, Mary and Cliff Gough, Jack Munsee, Rob and Rita Rutledge, John Castrale, Denzel Barricklow, Gene Yates, Allen King, Lynn Miller, J. Dan Webster, Charles and Shirley Keller, Karen Henman, Deanna Wade, Scott and Brad Jackson, Tim and Pamela Keller,  Dick Patterson, Vic Riemenschneider, Scott Arvin, Amy Wilms, Sally Routh, Margaret Schwarz, and Gary Bowman.

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