As a nonprofit, you help us make our mission possible! We’re dedicated to preserving the diverse ecosystems and wildlife habitats that make our region so special, and ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy and benefit from the wonders of nature. Together, we can make a difference!


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Looking for a solo opportunity? These tasks can be completed by anyone, at any time!

  • Walk a trail: remove small limbs and debris from trail, pick up trash, and notify staff  of larger trees or issues.
  • Biodiversity recording: do you have the iNaturalist or Seek app downloaded? You can help us record biodiversity at the Sanctuary by creating an account and recording your observations! Learn more about iNaturalist and check out the MGBS biodiversity project! Be aware, if you ONLY have Seek downloaded you may need to create an iNaturalist account for your sightings to be recorded in the project. If you need help, let us know!
  • Garlic mustard pull: in the spring/summer, this invasive plant is blooming and easy to pull! If you’re interested in this activity:
    • Please look over this resource and make sure you can ID garlic mustard
    • On the day, please let us know you’re planning on pulling garlic mustard – stop at one of the houses or send us an email!
    • Bring a garbage bag to store the pulled plants in – if you don’t have one just ask!
    • Use caution and watch your step if pulling off trail
    • Place the filled, closed bags at the workshop behind Brooks Hall


If you’re looking for other ways to contribute but aren’t able to donate your time, you can make a meaningful impact by donating needed items or taking a look at our curated Amazon Wishlist.


Got a used or broken chest freezer or fridge and aren’t sure what to do with it?

We’ll repurpose you’re old, broken appliance into the ideal storage for bird seed!
Message us to schedule a pick up or drop off.


Are you a scout group or an eagle scout looking for a project opportunity?
Let us know!

Suggestions for opportunities:

  • Trail Maintenance: Scout groups can assist in maintaining hiking trails by clearing debris, trimming overgrown vegetation, repairing erosion damage, building and installing benches, or installing steps on steeper trails. This helps ensure safe and enjoyable access for visitors while protecting the surrounding ecosystem.
  • Invasive Species Removal: Invasive plants can threaten native biodiversity. Scouts can help by identifying and removing invasive species, allowing native plants to thrive.
  • Trash Cleanup: Organize trash clean-up events to remove litter along trails, waterways, roadsides, and parking areas.
  • Bird blind improvements: Our accessible bird blind is under construction, and there are opportunities to help us upgrade! Create and install raccoon-proof bird feeding stations, install natural fence rows, design and install a water feature, and more.
  • and more!


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