The Mumford and Keller Grant/Scholarship Program  is used to award funds to individuals and organizations seeking funding for activities related to Indiana’s natural resources, particularly those related to Indiana’s avifauna, that-promote the Indiana Audubon Society’s mission.  This program was created in 2010, and receives annual funding from the Indiana Audubon Society annual budget, as well as proceeds from the Indiana Dunes Birding Festival silent auction and raffle.

Awards are announced annually. 

Annual applications are accepted beginning in June and are due by September 1 each year for consideration by the Awards Committee.  Over $5,000 will be awarded in 2019. 

For questions and inquiries, contact Awards Chair, Kim Ehn.

2018 award recipients include:

  1. Indiana Birding Trail. $450. Audubon/DNR Steering Committee. Creation of thematic logo for media advancement. This trail will offer 60 statewide birding locations for beginner and intermediate birders.
  2. Birds, Skulls, & Feathers. $265. Indiana Young Birders Club- North Chapter. Educational interactive materials. The activities provided will engage young birders at booths and monthly events.
  3. Workshop at Natural Encounters, Inc. –Contemporary Animal Training & Management. $1000. Jemma McElroy. State-of-the-Art hands-on course will update the skills of the Assistant Manager at Eagle Creek Ornithology Center.
  4. Motus Receiver. $1200, Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary. Funds will cover operation costs of registration of the Motus Station at MGBS.
  5. Field Guides for Farm Kids. $215. Amy Kearns (DNR). Twenty Kauffman Bird ID Guides will be distributed to farm youth to encourage birding as a way to preserve habitats for birds like the Loggerhead Shrike.
  6. Birding Eco-tourism Interpretive Signs. $400. Juan Diego Vargas. Lifer Nature Tours and National System of Conservation Areas of Costa Rica will place signs that describe the conservation of the area and the migration story of birds from North America.
  7. Indiana Birds of Prey in the Classroom. $300 Mark Booth. Live bird-of-prey program will be offered to a winning member of IAS to give to the school classroom of their choice.
  8. The Value of Small Birds. $100. Pat Knight. Funds given to encourage production of an educational power point presentation to groups in Northern Indiana.

2019 deadline is September 1, 2019

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