Winter Snowy Owl UP Tour 2021- FULL

Mackinaw City, MI Mackinaw City

THIS TRIP IS FULL Indiana A7udubon is pleased to offer another adventure for winter specialties of the northwoods in late winter 2021. The trip is led by IAS executive director, Brad Bumgardner, who has toured the UP area for nearly a decade of tours, and is familiar with the locations and birding areas around eastern Michigan UP area. The trip […]

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Winter Eagle Watch Field Trip II

lost bridge east Salamonie Lake9214 Lost Bridge Road W, Andrews

Join Indiana Audubon for a special look at the winter spectacle of eagles along the upper Wabash River and reservoir floodplains. Wintering Bald Eagles have climbed considerably in this area over the last decade, and now this area of northern Indiana hosts as many eagles as many of the other known Indiana wintering sites. Some counts exceed 100 birds in […]

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Virtual Birding Trip: Cloudforest Hummingbirds Live

In an exciting birding partnership with Lifer Nature Tours, Indiana Audubon is happy to present winter quarantine virtual birding field trips throughout the tropics.  Cloud forests are unique ecosystems and the ones located in Costa Rica are renowned for their biological abundance of birds rich in bright and stunning colors and of course a high diversity of range-restricted hummingbirds.  In this […]

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Winter Sax-Zim Bog Owl Tour 2021- FULL

Sax-Zim Bog 8793 Owl Ave, Meadowlands

THIS TRIP IS FULL Indiana Audubon is proud to present another winter season of great birding and an opportunity for members to view the winter specialties of the north woods February 2021.  Like the Winter Snowy Owl UP Tour, this caravan birding tour would extend the birding possibilities, to a location where both Great Gray Owl and Northern Hawk Owl […]

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Virtual Birding Trip: Rancho Naturalista Live

In an exciting birding partnership with Lifer Nature Tours, Indiana Audubon is happy to present winter quarantine virtual birding field trips throughout the tropics. When we talk about premier birding lodges in Costa Rica, Rancho Naturalista will immediately take place in the conversation... as it's known as one of the finest birdwatching lodges in Central America. But why is that? […]

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#21in21: Geist Reservoir Waterfowl Trip

Geist Reservoir 10053 Fall Creek Rd, Indianapolis

Join Indiana Audubon for a new early spring field trip to the newest of Indiana Birding Trail sites. The Geist Reservoir and subsequent Fall Creek Trail is a great place to see deep diving waterfowl in spring migration. It's also one of the best places in Central Indiana for scoters, Long-tailed Ducks, and loons. This field trip will meet at […]

Sold Out Free – $10

#21in21: Summit Lake Waterfowl Trip

Summit Lake State Park 5993 North Messick Road, new castle

Join Indiana Audubon for a morning of early spring birding among the often productive waterfowl haven found at Summit Lake State Park, in east central Indiana. Summit Lake covers 2,680 acres, including an 800-acre lake. The park is a mix of woodlands, old fields, wetlands, and prairie restoration areas which provide a wide range of flora and fauna. More than […]

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Indiana Birding: Crash Course Workshop

Join Indiana Audubon Society for a special two-hour introduction to birding online webinar workshop. Winter is a great time to get into birding, and this special workshop will be led by IAS outreach coordinator, Sam Warren.  The workshop features a jam packed schedule, looking at all things birding. This workshop is designed for both beginning bird watchers and general nature […]

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#21in21: Kankakee River Waterfowl Trip

Kankakee River FWA 4320 S Toto Rd, North Judson

Join Indiana Audubon for a morning of early spring birding among the many wetlands and flooded fields that line the Kankakee River in northern Indiana. By this date, the waters are thawing and rising and this site plays host to thousands of diverse waterfowl species as they stage before heading to the prairie potholes and far Canadian arctic for the […]

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Lye Creek Burn Longspur Field Trip

Lye Creek Prairie Burn E 650 N, Crawfordsville

The Lye Creek Burn is an 88-acre wetland in north central Montgomery County that is a part of the larger Lye Creek Prairie. The site and it’s birding potential were first discovered in April 2001 as Clint Murray was on my way to check some corn fields he had marked for Smith’s Longspurs. Upon seeing the site and shorebirds present, […]

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#21in21: Wing Haven Spring Birding Trip

Wing Haven Nature Preserve 180 W 400 N, Angola

Explore the state's far most northeastern Birding Trail site for a fun morning of birding Indiana's Lake Country.  The ACRES Land Trust Wing Haven, and dedicated nature preserve has both cultural and natural history beauty as spring blooms on the preserve. The lower lakes host the nesting return site of Sandhill Cranes in Indiana, and high quality ravine woods that […]

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#21in21: Eagle Creek Spring Warblers Trip

Eagle Creek Ornithology Center 6515 Delong Rd, Indianapolis

Join us in Indy for a morning of spring migrants with Rhiannon Thunell. By this date, we should be seeing much in the way of warblers, as well as an interesting wave of first arrivals should be appearing. We’ll be focused on seeking out Hermit Thrushes, kinglets, Blue-gray Gnatcatchers, Fox Sparrows, White-throated Sparrows, creepers, and the first wave of warblers. […]

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Goose Pond Weekend Birding Trip 2021

Goose Pond FWA 13540 W County RD 400 S, Linton

In 2021, IAS will present a full weekend of birding at Goose Pond and nearby properties to gain appreciation for the diverse breeding birds that call Goose Pond home. While a single day can see many birds in early to mid-May, this trip will aim to observe the full suite of amazing birds found in the wetlands, prairies, and forests […]

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#21in21: Limberlost Swamp Birding Trip

Limberlost Swamp 507 W Co Rd 1200S, Geneva

Join us for great summer birding in far eastern Indiana. Both the Limberlost Swamp Wetland Preserve and the Loblolly Marsh Nature Preserve are part of what once was the 13,000 acre Limberlost Swamp that was made famous by author and naturalist Gene Stratton-Porter and their conservation efforts today are building a large bird list. Participants will meet at the preserve, parking […]

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#21in21: Lincoln State Park Summer Birding Trip

lincoln state park 15476 County Rd 300 E, Lincoln City, IN 47552, Lincoln City

Join Indiana Audubon in the deep south of the state for a morning of birding at Lincoln State Park.  Warblers, vireos and thrushes pour through the park in early and mid-May on their spring migration, with many breeding species into the summer months.  The park also boasts one of the first, if not the first, Mississippi Kite populations around. Regular […]

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#21in21: Whitewater Memorial State Park Field Trip

Whitewater Memorial State Park 1418 S State Rd 101, Liberty

Visit summer birding in the west part of the state this morning!  We'll be near our own Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary to take advantage of the great birding in the Whitewater valley.  Join local avid birder and photographer, Jeremy Proeschel for a look at forest birds, and lakeside birding.  Much of the full songbird song should still be in good […]

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Southeast Arizona Birding Tour 2021

Tucson Tucson

Indiana Audubon is proud to present an out of state birding tour for members to experience the incredible avian diversity and specialty Mexican species that can be found in southern Arizona during August 2021. Late summer in Arizona is often called the “second spring” and can bring monsoon type rains that green the desert. August is also a great time […]

Texas Rio Grande Valley Birding Tour 2022- FULL

harlingen texas Harlingen

AUGUST 2020 UPDATE: Currently, this trip is full. However, trip availability may open up. Message us to be placed on the waiting list. Join Indiana Audubon for a special trip for an amazing collection of specialty US species and the peak of spring migration along the Texas southern border in late April 2021.  The lower Rio Grande Valley is home […]

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