Visit Valparaiso, IN, the Vale of Paradise, to take on the Birds of Paradise sculpture scavenger hunt beginning in 2022. Visit Valparaiso to hunt down the clues needed to find all 10 native birds species throughout downtown.

The City of Valparaiso in 2022 has developed a special downtown sculpture scavenger hunt, Birds of Paradise. Birds of Paradise will promote engagement, culture and activity while highlighting public art and local artists. The scavenger hunt is a fun way for community members and visitors to learn more about Valpo and its feathered friends.  Birds of Paradise includes ten bird sculptures, representing ten native bird species, hidden in key locations throughout the downtown.  This project is being spearheaded by the City of Valparaiso with support from the Redevelopment Commission, Valparaiso Creative CouncilPorter County Public Library System and Indiana Audubon Society.  Local artists include Chad Copeland, sculptor, and Melissa Washburn, illustrator.  

Visit the official Valparaiso Birds of Paradise homepage to learn more about participating in the scavenger hunt. Click Here!

Get Involved!  

Help this project TAKE FLIGHT by making a donation to support public art initiatives in Valparaiso.  Learn more about Birds of Paradise sponsorship opportunities.  Contact Maggie Clifton, Community Engagement Director, to learn more at [email protected] or 219-462-1161. 

Want to learn more about the 10 bird species? Check out each of the species profiles!

Black-capped Chickadee
Red-bellied Woodpecker
Sandhill Crane
American Goldfinch
Blue Jay
Northern Cardinal
Barred Owl
Wood Duck
Great-blue Heron
Red-tailed Hawk

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