The purpose and objective of this Society is to engage in educational, scientific, investigative, literary, historical, philanthropic and charitable pursuits which protect and conserve our natural resources including water, air, soil, plants and wildlife, especially birds, and to stimulate in Indiana public appreciation of the values of such natural resources and the need for their conservation.

Indiana Audubon advances it’s mission through its Strategic Plan, which is updated periodically. 

Meet our Flock


Brad Bumgardner – Executive Director 

Brad Bumgardner is the executive director for the Indiana Audubon Society and chairs the annual Indiana Dunes Birding Festival. He is the former head naturalist for the Department of Natural Resources at Indiana Dunes State Park and has a Bachelors in Science from Purdue University with emphasis on Ornithology and Environmental Education. Brad has been presented the Northwest Indiana’s top 20 under 40 business leaders award.



Sam Warren- Communications & Outreach Manager

Sam Warren is the Communications and Outreach Manager at Indiana Audubon. She helps connect people to Indiana’s birds and conservation, through programs and online resources. She was previously a 4-H coordinator in Iowa and loved leading nature related programming. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Bemidji State in Wildlife Management and a Masters from UW-Madison in Agroecology. 



Libby Keyes- MGBS Operations Manager

Libby Keyes is the  Operations Manager for Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary, and lives on-site.  Libby oversees day to day operations, public outreach, conservation and stewardship activities on the preserve, as well as research initiatives.  Libby has a Masters of Science in Environmental Biology from Governors State University, and has overseen both owl and whip-poor-will research projects with Indiana Audubon.



John Godwin- MGBS Resident Caretaker

John Godwin is the Resident Caretaker at Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary.  John helps maintain the 700+ acre Bird Sanctuary and nature preserve and can be found on the sanctuary trails throughout the year, as well as assisting with IAS bird banding efforts on the property.  The resident caretaker occupies the first residence when you enter Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary.



Carl and Amy Wilms- MGBS Technical Advisors

Carl and Amy are technical consultants with Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary.  For the past 16 years, they were resident co-managers at Mary Gray. Carl is a retired middle school science teacher (33 years), he has a MS in plant ecology and a PhD in science education; both with Miami University. Carl’s 30-year tenure at MGBS focused on maintenance issues and limiting the spread of invasive plants.  Amy worked at Miami University (2001-2017), and earned Master Bander permits for songbirds, hummingbirds, and Northern Saw-whet owls. She founded the banding station at Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary including establishing a Motus Station (first permanent station in Indiana). In addition, the Owl-night Out and the Hummingbird Migration Celebration were launched through her efforts. During her tenure at the Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary, Amy organized  IAS’s Spring and Fall Festivals, Inland Bird Banding Association Conference, Bird Banding Workshops, and many other events.

Lila Fried- Secretive Marshbird Coordinator

Lila is the volunteer coordinator for the 2022 Calumet region marsh bird surveys and runs the ARU program for Black Rails at Kankakee Sands. She is also a bander with Chicago Ornithological Society’s MAPS banding program at Big Marsh Park. Lila has a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies from Oberlin College and is currently pursuing her master’s in biology and conservation science at Miami University’s Project Dragonfly, a program centered on hands-on conservation initiatives, inquiry-driven learning, leadership, and community engagement rather than traditional academic research. 



Indiana Audubon is hiring a Youth Outreach Intern for 2022. Click Here to learn more.


Officers of the Indiana Audubon Society

The Indiana Audubon Society is governed by a Board of Directors and meet a minimum of 3 times per year. Officers are members of the Society and include a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer.

In addition, there are nine (9) elected Directors.

The immediate Past President and the publications committee chair also serve as members of the Board of Directors.


President – Kristen Sweinhart, Osceola

Vice President – Mike Maxwell, Indianapolis

Secretary – Mary Fox, Indianapolis

Treasurer – Joshua Hill

5th Executive Committee Member – Richard Garrett


Amy Wilms, Rocky Face, GA


Bill Cummings, Indianapolis

Ends December 2022 (3)

Shari Schultz McCullough, Crawfordsville

Joni James, Martinsville

Richard Garrett, Greenfield

Ends December 2023 (3)

Joanne Guttman, Connersville

Alexandra Arnold, Indianapolis


Ends December 2024 (3)

Lina Rifai, Noblesville

Jeremy Ross, Petersburg

Cookie Ferguson, LaPorte

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Board of Director Meetings

The Board of Directors hold three (3) meetings per year. Meeting are held:

January Meeting: January 8, 2022 – 9am – 3pm

Spring- April 30, 2022 – 1-3pm at the Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary

Fall- TBA


The standing committees include:
Awards: Karen Henman, Chair
Stewardship: Philip English, Chair
Membership: Shari McCollough, Chair
Field Trips: Brad Bumgardner
Publications: John Lindsey, Chair
Indiana Bird Records: Ryan Sanderson, Chair
Finance: Josh Hill, Chair
Publicity: John Lindsey, Chair
Sanctuary: Bill Cummings, Chair
Indiana Dunes Birding Festival: Brad Bumgardner
Indiana Bird Town: Cookie Ferguson, Chair
Standing Rules: Kristen Sweinhart, Chair
Ethics and Personnel: Joni James, Chair
Diversity and Inclusion (ad hoc): Kristen Sweinhart

These committees perform the duties as prescribed in the Standing Rules and those assigned by the President or the Board of Directors.


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