The purpose and objective of this Society is to engage in educational, scientific, investigative, literary, historical, philanthropic and charitable pursuits which protect and conserve our natural resources including water, air, soil, plants and wildlife, especially birds, and to stimulate in Indiana public appreciation of the values of such natural resources and the need for their conservation.  Indiana Audubon advances it’s mission through its Strategic Plan, which is updated periodically.

Read about our recent success stories in our 2023 Annual Report.

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Meet our Flock


Brad Bumgardner – Executive Director 

Brad Bumgardner is the executive director for the Indiana Audubon Society and first created the annual Indiana Dunes Birding Festival in 2015. He is the former head naturalist for the Department of Natural Resources at Indiana Dunes State Park and has a Bachelors in Science from Purdue University with emphasis on Ornithology and Environmental Education. Brad has been presented the Northwest Indiana’s top 20 under 40 business leaders award, and coordinates several banding research projects around the state.


Manda Joseph – Development & Engagement Manager

Manda Joseph (she/they/her/them) joins the team with many years of nonprofit management and development experience. A proud Hoosier, Manda’s educational background is in human behavior and sociology. What started as an accidental foray into development has blossomed into a fulfilling career, driven by Manda’s dedication, skills, and love for meaningful missions. Outside of work, you’ll often find Manda on their porch, surrounded by their eclectic pack of dogs, enjoying the symphony of birdsong and channeling creativity into their projects.



Whitney Yoerger – Communications & Outreach Manager

Whitney Yoerger (she/her) is the Communications and Outreach Manager at Indiana Audubon. She helps connect people to Indiana’s birds and conservation through programs and online resources. She is a curious writer and communications professional with a master’s degree in nonprofit administration. Her birding story began in 2014, when she spent a long weekend at the Kiptopeke Hawkwatch in Virginia, watching migrating hawks with borrowed binoculars. She is passionate about mindful birding practices, acoustic ecology, and learning more about animal behavior.



Libby Keyes – MGBS Operations Manager

Libby Keyes is the Operations Manager for Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary, and lives on-site. Libby oversees day to day operations, public outreach, conservation and stewardship activities on the preserve, as well as research initiatives. Libby has a Masters of Science in Environmental Biology from Governors State University, and has overseen both owl and whip-poor-will research projects with Indiana Audubon.



Alex Warchol – Sanctuary Land Steward

Alex is the Sanctuary Land Steward (formerly caretaker position) at Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary. Since his first landscaping job at 17 he’s dreamt of being able to apply his skills and love of preserving natural beauty somewhere it will be appreciated. When he first visited the Sanctuary a little over a year ago he immediately fell in love with this hidden jewel and knew this could be the place he’d dreamt of. 

I say, if your knees aren’t green by the end of the day, you ought to seriously re-examine your life.” —Calvin & Hobbes


Sam Warren – Indiana Dunes Birding Festival Coordinator

Sam Warren is the Indiana Dunes Birding Festival Coordinator at Indiana Audubon. She helps connect people to Indiana’s birds and conservation, through programs and online resources. She was previously a 4-H coordinator in Iowa and loved leading nature related programming. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Bemidji State in Wildlife Management and a Masters from UW-Madison in Agroecology. 



Bethany Dennis – Secretive Marshbird Coordinator

Bethany is the volunteer coordinator for the 2023 Dunes-Calumet Region secretive marsh bird surveys and assists with the ARU program for king rail monitoring with Audubon Great Lakes. She is also the biological science technician crew lead for the pollinator program at the Indiana Dunes National Park. Bethany has a bachelor’s degree in Wildlife & Fisheries Science from the Pennsylvania State University. Outside of work, she spends time as a volunteer owl bander for Project Owlnet Northern Saw-whet Owl banding, a volunteer for the Indiana Dunes State Park, and is a member of the Feminist Bird Club Chicago.


2024 Officers of the Indiana Audubon Society

The Indiana Audubon Society is governed by a 15 member Board of Directors and meet a minimum of 3 times per year. If you are interested in joining the Board of Directors, begin with our Nominating Committee’s Board Interest Application Here.


President – Kim Ehn, Porter

Vice President – Shari McCollough, Crawfordsville

Secretary – Cookie Ferguson, LaPorte

Treasurer – Tina Rosier, Indianapolis

5th Executive Committee Member –Joanne Guttman


Kristen Sweinhart, Chester, VA


Richard Garrett and Karen Schneider

Ends December 2024 (3)

Lina Rifai, Noblesville

Robin Janson, Indianapolis

Matt Rees, Greencastle

Ends December 2025 (3)

Scott Enochs, Indianapolis

Joanne Guttman, Connersville

Mona Clayton, Indianapolis

Ends December 2026  (3)

Jenny Habecker, Indianapolis

John Blackburn, Beverly Shores

Laura Sheehan, Indianapolis

If you are interested in joining the Board of Directors, begin with our Nominating Committee’s Board Interest Application Here.

Board of Director Meetings

The Board of Directors hold three (3) meetings per year. Meeting are held:

January Meeting: January 12-14, 2024

Spring- April 21 Online

Fall- September 21 Indianapolis TBD


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