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The Earl Brooks Award is given “for advancement of conservation of natural resources in Indiana”. Recipients do not have to be a member of the Indiana Audubon Society.  Typical recipients have dedicated decades towards natural resource management and bird conservation in the state.

Interested in nominating someone?

Deadline to nominate is September 1 each year. 

For questions and inquiries, contact Awards Chair, Kim Ehn.

Past recipients include: Dorothy Buck, Robert Cooper, Justin Roberts, Henry West, Mary and Clifford Gough, William Barnes, James and Amy Mason, Charles and Juanita Wise, Jane and Thomas Dustin, Jack Munsee, Robert McIlwain, Deanna and Denzel Barricklow, Jim Jontz, J. Dan Webster, James Cope, Howard Michaud, Mildred Campbell, Frenchy and Katie Van Huffel, Russell Mumford, Donna McCarty, Paul Carmony, Lee and Celia Parsons, Robert Baker, Tom and Lovetta Stankus, Charles Keller, Paul Steffen, Tom Potter, John Castrale, Robert Buskirk, Alan Bruner, Ted Heemstra, Dr. Kenneth Brock, Lee Sterrenburg, Sharon Sorenson, Ken Brunswick and Joni James.

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