Love birds? Become a new Indiana Audubon member or gift a membership from Friday, Feb. 16, to Friday, Feb. 23, for a chance to win big. During this one-week new members campaign, which coincides with the Great Backyard Bird Count, one grand prize winner at random will receive a bevy of bevy of bird-lover goodies (listed in the image above). Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enrich your appreciation and enjoyment of birds!

Why Join Indiana Audubon?

Indiana Audubon operates independently of the National Audubon Society, relying solely on the generosity of Hoosiers like you. We’ve been leading the charge in our state’s bird conservation, education, and research initiatives since 1898. By becoming a member, you not only contribute to these vital efforts but also play a crucial role in preserving and celebrating Indiana’s rich avian diversity for generations to come.

Are There Membership Perks?

Go to to sign yourself up for a membership. Alternatively, click here to give the gift of a membership to someone else.

Giveaway Notes
  1. New memberships and gifted memberships will each receive one entry into the giveaway drawing. This exclusive opportunity is reserved for our newest members, providing an extra incentive to join and support Indiana Audubon’s important conservation work.
  2. The giveaway winner’s name will be picked at random using an online generator.
  3. The giveaway winner will be notified by email on Monday, Feb. 26.
  4. All six items in the giveaway will be mailed to the winner within two weeks following notification.

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