Indiana Audubon introduces two new sites to the Indiana Birding Trail, expanding opportunities for birders statewide. With the inclusion of the Cope Environmental Center and Hayes Arboretum, both in Wayne County, the trail encompasses 68 exceptional sites, each chosen for their ecological importance to Indiana’s resident and migrant birds.
Cope Environmental Center, covering 130 acres, offers immersive conservation and environmental education experiences, showcasing diverse habitats from woodlands to wetlands. Hayes Arboretum, sprawling across 470 acres, features serene woodland trails and a nature center, providing abundant opportunities to encounter resident and migrating birds amidst natural surroundings.
Both Cope Environmental Center and Hayes Arboretum will proudly display an Indiana Birding Trail sign adorned with the trail’s logo, inviting bird enthusiasts to explore their bird-friendly environments.
In addition to the expansion of the Indiana Birding Trail, a 2024-2025 edition of the guidebook, priced at $15 each, is now available for purchase online. This comprehensive guidebook provides detailed descriptions, maps, and practical birding tips for every site along the trail.
For further information about the Indiana Birding Trail and to acquire the latest guidebook, visit

Cope Environmental Center photo by Justin Rayborn.


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