bird town logo jpgModeled after the “Tree City USA” program and the highly successful Bird City Wisconsin, Indiana Audubon Society is pleased to announce Bird Town Indiana beginning in 2013.  If a community meets at least seven criteria, it becomes an official Bird Town. Indiana Bird Towns are those that both the public officials and citizens demonstrate an active and ongoing commitment to the protection and conservation of bird populations and their habitats.

These members belong to Audubon groups, nature preserves, land trusts, bird clubs, museums, garden clubs, school groups, chambers of commerce, and other eco-minded businesses that can come together for effective planning, development, and implementation of bird conservation issues locally and statewide.

Bird Town Indiana Application (pdf) (doc)

Bird Town How To!

Contact our Bird Town coordinator, Cookie Ferguson if you’re interested in applying!

The Indiana Audubon Society hopes that citizens who have an opportunity to live in or already are living in a Bird Town will take pride in this fact and not only urge their governmental officials to participate in the Bird Town  program but also will take individual actions to benefit our birds.   The application process is now open. It’s time for municipal officials, as well as conservation-minded groups and individuals, to take stock of the situation and to do what it takes to make their community the next Bird Town Indiana.

Why Become a Bird Town Indiana? 

Your town is already demonstrating active leadership in all forms of environmental conservation and protection!  Get recognition for your work by joining the Bird Town Indiana program.  Here’s the top 5 reasons for joining:

1) Make a Statement for your Community Pride!  A Bird Town is not just for the birds, it’s a great place to live!
2) Save (and make!) Money!  Birding is one of the most popular hobbies in the US.  Birders in the US bring in 85 million dollars in economic growth each year.  Bird Towns also become better eligible for eco-friendly grants.
3) Build Community Activism!  Bird Town communities have that chance to build active partnerships between private and public sectors.
4) Improve the Local Environment.  The value is well known.  No one loses!

5) Relax and Have Fun! Bird Towns share a common interest shared among multiple demographics. Watching birds is just plain relaxing and reduces stress.

Note: Indiana Bird Town recognition runs on 3 rolling deadlines throughout the calendar year.  Those being, April 1, September 1, and December 1.  Applications are reviewed within roughly 30 days of the deadline.  Applications will not be processed without the requested documentation and attachments. Also, please enclose a nonrefundable application fee of $100 in a check made payable to the Indiana Audubon Society.  All re-certifications made at the beginning of the year are free.  

All potential Indiana Bird Towns need to meet 7 of 21 criteria.  2 must come from Category 1, and 1 must come from each other category.  These criteria being:

Category 1: Creation and Protection of Natural Communities

A. Attach a summary of bird monitoring results and/or other data obtained from researchers or local volunteers in the local park system.

B.  Attach ordinance or other evidence that existing bird habitat has legal protection.

C. Document that current community planning seeks to provide additional bird habitat.

D. Attach a copy of local ordinance to demonstrate that the community does not restrict “wild” or natural lawns and landscaping.

E. Show how the community offers the public information on control and removal of invasive species.

F. Attach a state publication showing that the community contains a segment or parcel that is designated an Important Bird Area.

G. Demonstrate through public documents or publicity that the local Chamber of Commerce (or a similar group) takes an active role in the planning process for protecting and enlarging favorable bird habitat.

H. OTHER: Demonstrate in an attached narrative.

Category 2: Participation in Programs Promoting Effective Community Natural Resource  Management

A. Enclose a copy of the “Tree City, USA” award if your community participates in this program.

B. Enclose a copy of various grants awarded that help promote natural resource management.

C. OTHER: Demonstrate in an attached narrative.

Category 3: Limiting or Removing Hazards to Birds

A. Attach evidence or provide community web link if your community has an educational program to control free-roaming cats and/or actively publicizes the “Cats Indoors!” program.

B. Demonstrate that your community provides property owners with information on how to protect birds from window-strikes.

C. OTHER: Demonstrate in an attached narrative.

Category 4: Public Education

A. Demonstrate that schools or educators in your community participate in Flying WILD, helping ensure that the nation’s students are knowledgeable about the conservation needs of migratory and other birds.

B. Attach newsletter or web links to show how your community provides information to property owners on methods to create and enhance backyard habitat for birds.

C. Provide web links your community offers to other organizations with information on backyard habitat programs.

D. Demonstrate that your community is represented in at least one bird monitoring program such as the Christmas Bird Count, Great Backyard Bird Count, Indiana Audubon Society Big May Day Count, or Swift Night Out.

E. Demonstrate that your community sponsors an annual bird festival.

F. Illustrate how your community has a program that involves schools, garden clubs, Audubon chapter, or other organizations in bird conservation activities.

G. Attach a copy of both your community’s official resolution recognizing IMBD and either a copy of a program or plans for your local IMBD celebration.

H. OTHER: Demonstrate in an attached narrative.

The Indiana Audubon Society seeks to assist towns in becoming Bird Towns.  Check out some of these links for more information to assist with some of the criteria.


Bird Festivals, Activities, Events:

BTI Logo Download (pdf)

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Bird Town Indiana communities!

1) Geneva, IN

2) Chesterton, IN

3) Rome City, IN

4) Nashville, IN

5) Fort Wayne, IN

6) Kendalllville, IN

7) Berne, IN

8) Albion, IN

9.) Bloomington, IN

10.) Carmel, IN

11.) Porter, IN

12.) Auburn, IN

13.) Connersville, IN

14) Beverly Shores, IN 

15) Terre Haute, IN 

16) Michigan City, IN

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