Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary

Police Investigation at Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary

For immediate release: September 7, 2018

The Indiana Audubon Society is assisting the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department regarding possible human remains in the “fourth pond” at Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary, in Connersville, IN.  Cadaver dogs were brought in and indicated the possibility of the remains.  The Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary is cooperating to assist the Sheriff’s Department to pursue the possible location.  The current search is related to the 1986 disappearance of of Connersville High School senior, Denise Pflum, 32 years ago.  At this time it is not known whose remains these are, and is not the result of recent criminal activity.

Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary remains open for visitors, however the trails and vicinity of the fourth pond are closed to the public at this time.  The trails on the east end of the property are open.

For questions or inquiries into the investigation, please contact the Fayette County Sherrif’s Department at (765) 825-1110.  A recent article explaining the investigation was published on the News-Examiner today.


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