Hello birding friends!

As I write you today, I see a great outlook for the wild birds we hold special. Thanks to the generosity of members like you, we’re able to bring together smart science and great ideas for the conservation of birds, which builds a better future for all. Just as it’s been gratifying to see Indiana Audubon become that voice for birds in Indiana for the last 125 years, we’re even more excited on what we’ll accomplish together the next 125 years.

Your contributions have helped grow Indiana Audubon as the primary advocate for bird research, conservation, and education in Indiana. It seems as if each month presents a new challenge that is a call for us to advocate and act for the birds and their habitats. These projects must continue even in times of uncertainty. Indiana Audubon is the oldest continually operating environmental organization here in Indiana. It is important to know, you play an important role in this work! Members like you have supported us not only this past year, but for the last 125 years.

As we look towards the next 125 years, we know that Indiana Audubon will be that revolutionary voice that advocates for the best stewardship we can give our resident feathered friends. We hope you’ll join us next year for many celebrations being planned for our 125th anniversary protecting birds. Here’s a few of the projects and initiatives you can look forward to learning more about.

  • Marshbird Black Rail Expansion. On the heels of a successful summer audio recording Black Rails, we are expanding our research into this federally threatened secretive marshbird.
  • Lake Michigan Jaeger Migration Research. In a landmark survey, Indiana Audubon is setting out to comprehensively survey this rare arctic predator’s irregular fall passage through the Hoosier state in 2023, nearly 70 years from the first published report of this rare migration phenomenon.
  • Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary 125th Anniversary Interpretive Birding Trail. We welcome you to Mary Gray next spring to learn more about our native birds through a series of interpretive trailside exhibits for both birders and non-birders alike, thanks to your support.

It is hard to imagine the difficulties our early pioneers of Indiana Audubon must have had in terms of spreading the interest in birds when the Society was first suggested by the indefatigable Amos Butler in 1897. There were no computers, internet, highway interstates, or eBird rare bird alerts! Birds were under constant persecution, over-hunting, and collecting. Today, the issues have changed, but the passion in our members is just as strong as ever.

Birds and nature are an important part of our human experience. Indiana Audubon’s work ensures that people have access to these special natural places and the birds found there. As we move towards our next 125 years, we’re constantly evaluating our role in protecting and advocating for birds, which is made possible because of your support. Thank you!

We know that you value protecting these special places too. Please consider making a year-end gift today so that, together, we can accomplish these very important conservation goals. Several donors have come together this year to challenge our membership with $8,600 in matching donations through the end of the year. This leverages your dollar for the biggest impact! I challenge you to consider a $125 donation for 125 years.

Wishing you the best in health and birding,

Brad Bumgardner, Executive Director
Indiana Audubon


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