Take Flight in the Classroom Contest!

Quite simply, conservation begins with education. As an environmental engagement organization, Indiana Audubon focuses heavily on connecting students to the amazing wonder of birds and nature.  One of the best ways to connect people and nature is through live birds.  Birds of prey presentations bring the power of our natural world to our fingertips and allow us to connect both educationally and emotionally to not only hawks and owls, but all living birds.

To further our mission, Indiana Audubon has partnered with Take Flight! Wildlife Education to sponsor a free live bird of prey show to your favorite classroom this holiday season.  Through the use of live birds, natural artifacts, and theatrical techniques, Take Flight! brings the importance of understanding the natural world to life, and your class (and grade!) can be a part of it!

Now through November 18, Indiana Audubon members can enter below for your chance to win a free live bird of prey program brought to your classroom this holiday season.  You don’t have to be a teacher to enter!  The winner can choose the classroom of their choice for this one of a kind live bird educational program anywhere in the state.  No restrictions on classroom type, school (public, private, charter, home-school), or grade.  Not only will your class win, but your entire grade can participate to learn more about the birds of prey that rule the skies over Indiana.  But, you must be an Indiana Audubon member to enter!  The winning classroom will be announced on Giving Tuesday.

This special opportunity was funded through the Mumford & Keller Grants and Scholarship Program.  


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