Between December 14th and January 5th, hawk-eyed volunteers across the country brave various weather conditions to count birds during the annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count (CBC) each year.

Northern Cardinal By Mike Timmons

Northern Cardinal By Mike Timmons

Birders and nature enthusiasts in Indiana take part in this tradition, many rising before dawn to participate in the longest running wildlife census on the planet. Each year, the Audubon Christmas Bird Count mobilizes over 70,000 volunteer bird counters in more than 2,400 locations across the Western Hemisphere. The Audubon Christmas Bird Count utilizes the power of volunteers to track the health of bird populations at a scale that professional scientists could never accomplish alone.

Data compiled in Indiana will record every individual bird and bird species seen in a specified area, contributing to a vast citizen science network that continues a tradition stretching back more than 100 years.  IAS will be helping to provide information on the various counts and produce a summary of all counts.  Data does not need to be submitted to IAS again in 2020. lessening the burden on count compilers.  For your data to go into the larger database of CBC data, your circle needs to be an officially sanctioned National Audubon count. 




Ensure your preferred count has been updated for 2020.  For counts with no dates, contact the compiler for updated information.  Compilers should submit their info here by November 15 each year.






Big Oaks NWR Dec 18 Joe Robb CBC operations will be limited this year due to COVID.  Counting will be done via refuge staff and select refuge birders. For more information, or to inquire about assisting next year, contact: Joe at [email protected] or 812-273-0783. Updated for 2020.
Bremen Dec 19 Leland Shaum NEW COUNT! Field and feeder counters welcome. Anyone wishing to participate should contact Neal Miller at 574-546-5947 extension 5, and leave a message. Many participants are Amish and will be bicycling or walking areas, so there is a special need for those who can drive a route. There will be no compilation supper. Updated for 2020.
Brown County Dec 12 Patrick Haulter Note: this is an unsanctioned CBC date.  On December 12th, 2020 Brown County State Park will take part in an unofficial Christmas Bird Count. We will meet at the Nature Center at 11am and head out around the center to count birds. We will identify the species we are look at, as well as how may of that species. This program will last a couple hours but you may come and go as you please. We will hike around about a half a mile or so just looking for birds along the roadways and around the Nature Center. This program is limited to 25 people and will be first come first serve. Contact Patrick Haulter for more info. Updated for 2019.
Eagle Valley   Will Schaust
The Eagle Creek Valley Christmas Bird Count, sponsored by Amos Butler Audubon, takes place within a 15-mile-diameter circle covering the northwest side of Indianapolis, with the center being in Eagle Creek Park.
Plan to meet at the Eagle Creek Park Ornithology Center (6515 Delong Road, Indianapolis, IN 46278) to pick up an information packet for your assigned area before heading out to bird. The Ornithology Center will open at 8 a.m. A pitch-in lunch for all participants will be held at the Ornithology Center at noon to tally our bird count and to reorganize groups to head back outside to cover additional areas if needed.


To participate in the Eagle Creek Valley Christmas Bird Count, please register prior to December 9th so that birding teams can be formed and count plans made in advance. Reserve your spot by contacting Will Schaust at (317) 327-2473 or emailing him at [email protected],  Updated for 2019.

Elkhart Co. Jan 2 Ronda DeCaire

Field Counters: Field Observers will be pre-assigned an area to count within a designated part of Elkhart County. Driving and walking areas will be available and maps and lists will be sent electronically. Birders should only travel by car with those from a family unit. Those gathering from outside a family unit to hike a park will be required to wear masks. Feeder/Yard Counters: Observers who live within the count circle may collect data from their own property.  There will be no in-person compilation gatherings as requested by the National Audubon Society. 

Please contact Ronda DeCaire with the Elkhart County Parks at 574-535-6458 or e-mail [email protected] to register a name, address, phone number and e-mail to receive further directions for the Elkhart County Christmas Bird Count. Updated for 2020.

Fort Wayne Dec 19 Margit Codispoti and Eric Helfrich The Fort Wayne Count will be held Saturday, December 19, 2020. The count covers a 15-mile diameter circle in northern Allen and southern DeKalb Counties. Field observers for all day or half day are welcome as are feeder watchers within the circle area. If you plan to join in the count as a field observer or feeder watcher, or if you would like further information, please contact the compilers, Margit Codispoti for further instruction.  
[email protected] (260-609-6057) or Eric Helfrich:
[email protected] (260-693-3246) no later than December 5.  Updated on for 2020.
Gene Stratton-Porter State Historic Site Dec 17 Tiffany Parker Join GSP Staff and volunteers as we participate in one of the oldest citizen science projects. The annual Christmas Bird Count has been happening for 120 years and we are thrilled to participate in this annual project.  Please register before 12/14 by contacting Tiffany Parker at [email protected] for more information and for your designated birding location. It’s always fun to pre-scout to get to know the lay of the land and what birds you might see that day. We will not be gathering for lunch as we’ve done in years past. Teams should be members of the same household if birding by vehicle. Groups are welcome to bird together by foot but should follow social distancing practices and carpool separately to each location. Updated for 2020.
Goose Pond Dec 16 Jim Brown For this year, 2020, please contact secondary Complier Jim Brown ([email protected]) for further information.. No post count compilation meeting.  Updated for 2020.
Hamilton County Dec 28 Amanda Smith 120th Annual Christmas Bird Count -Hamilton County – Celebrate the holidays by helping our department and the National Audubon Society conduct its annual Christmas Bird Count. Join us for a day of hiking and birding! Lunch for participants will be provided by the Hamilton County Parks and Recreation Department. Call the Cool Creek Nature Center at 317-774-2500 to pre-register or to receive more details. Time: 8:00 am – 1:00 pm; Ages: Adults and older children; Location: CCNC and county-wide; Pre-registration: Required. Register by calling 317-774-2500 or emailing [email protected].  Updated for 2019.
Hancock County Dec 15 Adam Wilson Newly created official count.  Contact Adam at [email protected] for more information. Updated for 2019.
Hanover – Madison Jan 2 Dick Davis

Hanover~Madison CBC will be Saturday January 2, 2021 at Clifty Inn in Clifty Falls State Park just west of Madison, Indiana on SR56. There is no fee for taking part in the count or for park admission. Field participants will meet in predetermined teams in the field at locations determined by team leaders. Feeder observers need only pre-register. Participants are expected to follow proper Covid-19 protocol. Contact Dick Davis at either 317-966-6643 or [email protected] Updated for 2020.

Huntington County      No info available
Indiana Dunes (east) Dec 19 Brad Bumgardner Teams meet on their own at pre-assigned areas.  Contact Brad at [email protected]  Indiana Dunes Visitor Center conference room offered for brown bag lunch to share sightings.  Deadline to register is Dec. 12.   Updated for 2020.
Indiana Dunes West  Dec 26 Christine Gerlach Sign up deadline through email or phone call to coordinator is December 23rd. [email protected] (219) 395-1885.  Updated for 2020. 
Indianapolis-Northeast  Dec 19 John Schaust Pre-registered participants will be assigned to a location.Register to participate by calling John Schaust at (317) 208-4021 or emailing [email protected]  COVID restrictions will be in place, with mask use and no in person compilations. 

The Indianapolis CBC, sponsored by the Amos Butler Audubon Society, takes place within a 15-mile-diameter circle covering the northeast side of Indianapolis, with the center point being in Fort Harrison State Park.  To participate, please register by December 11 so that birding team assignments can be made in advance of count day.  Updated for 2020.

Jamestown Dec 19 Roger Hedge Meet at McCloud Nature Park, located southwest of North Salem in Hendricks County, at 8:30 am. A link with map to the park is at


Covid-19 changes include social distancing, no carpooling, and no meeting for lunch in 2020. Contact Roger at 317-473-3222 (cell) or [email protected]Updated for 2020.

Johnson County (Atterbury)    Mike Clay Meet at 7:45 at Johnson Co. park, google maps: Johnson County Park amphitheater. It actually shows up on a GPS as Johnson County Park Amphitheater. Call Mike at 317-682-8884 or [email protected]Updated for 2019.
Knox County   Gary Bowman Start your new year with a CBC. All participants are welcome. Please contact Gary Bowman at [email protected] for team assignment or for more details. Teams have their own meeting times and locations. Feeder observers are welcome. Please contact me for instructions if you have not done this before.  Updated for 2019.
Lafayette Dec 19 Ed Hopkins Because of Covid-19 there will be no planning or post-count meetings. To participate, contact Ed Hopkins. Call: 1.765.714.9913 or Email: [email protected]. Updated for 2020.
Lake Monroe Dec 19 Jim & Susan Hengeveld Contact Jim Hengeveld ([email protected]), telephone 812-345-3280, if you would like to participate. We will have multiple groups participating as usual, but individuals/family groups/“bubble” groups will be operating independently within each group. Updated for 2020.
Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary Dec 28 Carl and Amy Wilms Meet at House #2 at 7:30 AM to assign areas for the count. Questions can be emailed to Amy Wilms ([email protected]). Lunch will be provided by Carl & Amy Wilms. Updated for 2020.  
McCormick’s Creek   Sandy Belth For more information and to be placed on a team, please email Sandy Belth at [email protected], or Jeffrey Belth at [email protected] or call (812) 825-8353. Start times and meeting locations for the various teams will be given out closer to count time. Updated on December 12, 2017.
Muncie (Delaware Co) Dec 20 Jim Schowe Join members of Robert Cooper Audubon Society ( for the 2019 Christmas Bird Count in Delaware County on Sunday, December 20. Those counting by car will meet at 8:45 am in the parking lot of the Charles W. Brown Planetarium on the Ball State University campus. Those counting from home or from a stationary blind or bird feeding station are also welcome to participate. To join, please contact Jim Schowe at [email protected]Updated for 2020.
Muscatatuck N. W. R. Jan 1 Donna Stanley Muscatatuck will have their Christmas Bird Count at 7:30 am Jan. 1. The group will gather outside the Visitor Center but he building and restrooms will probably be closed. We regret that no lunch will be served this year. For information contact [email protected] Updated for 2020.
Newport   Alan Bruner
Covers West Union Bald Eagle roost, Newport Chemical Depot, Cayuga Power Plant, and Wabash River bottoms.  Interested parties can contact Alan Bruner at: [email protected] 765-562-2741 (cell). Updated last in 2017. 
Northeast LaPorte County   Dennis Richardson The Northeast LaPorte County Christmas Bird Count will be held on Monday, December 16. If you would like to participate call Dennis Richardson at 219-379-4791 for details.  Updated for 2019.
North Liberty   Steve Sass The North Liberty count, including Potato Creek State Park will take place on December 31.  For more information or to participate, contact compiler, Steve Sass at [email protected].   Updated last in 2017.
Oakland City   Heath Hamilton This CBC includes some of the most diverse habitat in the Midwest and encompasses Patoka River National Wildlife Refuge, Sugar Ridge Fish and Wildlife Area, and thousands of acres of reclaimed mine land grasslands.  Please contact Heath Hamilton if you would like to volunteer. Contact info: [email protected] . Updated for 2019.
Patoka Lake Dec 15 Dana Reckelhoff The Patoka Lake CBC will be held Tuesday, December 15.  For more information or to register, contact Dana at [email protected] Updated for 2020.
Pigeon River Dec 20 Joe Smith The Pigeon River Christmas Bird Count will take place on Sunday, December 20, 2020. If interested in participating, please contact Joe Smith. His email is [email protected] and his phone number is 260-427-6246. Because hunting season will still be in progress, all participants are strongly advised to wear something that is hunter orange in color. Updated for 2020.
Pike County   Jeremy Ross Contact Jeremy Ross, [email protected] or 812-569-4009. The count area is centered on Alford and covers Petersburg and Winslow as well as parts of Knox and Daviess counties. Habitats included in the area consist of reclaimed mine ground, ag fields, bottomland forests, mixed forests and wild areas along with rural, suburban and small towns. Updated for 2018.
Pokagon Dec 28

Fred Wooley

The 41st Annual Pokagon Christmas Bird Count will be held on Monday, December 28, 2020. Due to Covid-19 precautions, the count will be conducted slightly differently this year. Participants will NOT gather at Pokagon State Park to divide into teams and head into the field, as done in the past. Teams will be determined in advance and team leaders will be mailed CBC materials ahead of time. 

Participants should also bring a sack lunch to enjoy in the field, or their team may wish to make other lunch arrangements on their own. To register, contact Fred Wooley at 260-495-3307 or 260-243-0513 (cell) or E-mail [email protected]. Registration deadline is earlier this year, December 14.  Updated for 2020.

Putnam County Dec 19 Carl Huffman Because of Covid-19 there will be no group meetings before or after the count. All teams in the field will use masks and practice social distancing. There will be no carpooling. Only members of a family unit or social pod unit can be in the same car. If you want to participate please contact Carl Huffman at 765 721-1628 or [email protected]). Updated for 2020.
Randolph Co.   Connie Howell Contact Connie Howell at [email protected] for information about participating.  Updated last in 2017,
Richmond Dec 19 Bill Buskirk Contact Bill for selection of areas to cover in the morning at [email protected] or 765-969-0449 . Compilation of the count will be done electronically afterwards. Updated for 2020.
Sand Ridge Jan 2 John Elliott Bi-state count covering the Lake Calumet area in Cook County, Illinois and Lake Michigan areas in Lake County, Indiana. Contact compiler to update information or to join the count as a new participant. Email at: [email protected]
Updated for 2020.
Southern Adams/Northern Jay/Ouabache SP Jan 1 Terri Gorney SANJO is Southern Adams Northern Jay Ouabache SP. State park and the Limberlost Territories, and includes the Loblolly Marsh, Limberlost Swamp Wetland Preserve, Ouabache State Park, Munro Nature Preserve, Wabash River, Limberlost Creek, Loblolly Creek, Music of the Wild Nature Preserve, Limberlost Bird Sanctuary, Rainbow Bottom, Rainbow Lake, Lake of the Woods, old stone quarry, old gravel pit Fields Park, and Amish farms. 


Experience and inexperienced birders welcome. Plenty of good territory for all. We could use feeder watchers at home and there is a bird room at the center. Meet at Limberlost Visitor’s Center, 200 W. Sixth Street (US 27) in Geneva, IN at 8:00 am. Compiler: Terri Gorney, 260-413-5671[email protected] Updated for 2020.
South Bend Dec 19 Kristen Sweinhart Spend some time connecting with nature and join the 77th consecutive CBC for the South Bend circle. Field and feeder counters welcome.
The following Covid-19 mitigation strategies must be followed at all times while in the field.
1. Properly worn masks (covers mouth and nose) are required in the field at all times.
2. Social distancing of at least 6 feet is required – except for members of the same household.
3. No carpooling – except for members of the same household.
Contact Kristen Sweinhart at [email protected] to participate.  Updated for 2020.
South Lake County Jan 2 Loyce Fandrei The South Lake County count is held on January 2, 2020.  Contact Loyce at [email protected] if you’re interested in participating.  Updated for 2020.
Spring Mill Dec 20 John Castrale Contact John at [email protected] or 812-508-2849. if you need additional information or want to sign up for the count. COVID safety procedures will be followed by all participants.  Updated for 2020.
Sullivan County Dec 23 Michael Brown Contact [email protected] if interested in attending.   We usually go to territories. Due to COVID-19, there will be no lunch or evening meeting, instead participants call or email reports to Michael Brown – 812-299-2137. Leave message. Updated for 2020.
SW Allen County Jan 2 Cynthia Powers Please contact the compiler ([email protected]) by Dec 31 to be assigned to a team.  No lunch time meet up in 2020.   The count circle includes Fox Island, the properties of Little River Wetlands, Foster Park, and four small ACRES properties. Updated for 2020.
Terre Haute Dec 20 Peter Scott Contact Peter at [email protected] if you need additional information or want to sign up for this 60 year old count! Updated for 2020.
Tippecanoe Dec 26 David Hicks The Tippecanoe Audubon Society Christmas count will be December 26 – circle center is near Oswego, IN (north of Warsaw). Since we’ll be doing the form and data exchange by email, potential participants should get in touch with with david Hicks directly at [email protected] or 260-982-2471. Updated for 2020.
Topeka Dec 23 Leland Shaum

Field and feeder watchers are needed. Anyone wishing to participate should contact Perry Miller at 574-642-1135 and leave a message, or contact at [email protected], to be assigned a team or an area. Many Amish participants will be bicycling or walking, so there is a special need for those who can drive an area. There will be no compilation supper. Updated for 2020.

Tri-County/Rochester Dec 19 Sharon Stephan Meet at 8 am at Potawatomi Wildlife Park on State Road US 331 in Marshall County at Tippecanoe. Contact Sharon Stephan, Executive Director at 1-574-498-6550 or [email protected]. Most of their field people are within the park, but they need feeder observers and field observers to work other areas of the circle. The count info is also on the park web siteUpdated for 2020.
Turkey Run   Alan Bruner
Covers Turkey Run and Shades St. Parks, Lake Waveland, Raccoon Lake, Hollandsburg Longspur fields and Amish farms.  Interested parties can contact Alan Bruner at  [email protected] or 765-562-2741 (cell). Updated last in 2017.
Vanderburgh County (Evansville) Dec 15 Brian Taylor Interested individuals should contact Brian Taylor at 812-480-0588 or [email protected]Updated for 2020. 
Wells County   Ruth Oswalt Contact Ruth at 260-694-6487 to sign up.  Updated last in 2017.
Western Gibson County   Dan Collins Contact Dan Collins if you would like to volunteer. Contact info: [email protected] or call him at 812.499.8121.. Updated for 2019.
Whitewater Dec 20 Bill Buskirk Contact Bill Buskirk at [email protected] or 765-969-0449.  Updated for 2020
Willow Slough/Iroquois Preserves Jan 1 Ed Hopkins Meet at the Willow Slough FWA HQ.  From the junction of US41/IN117 near Morocco, drive five miles west to Stateline Road. Turn north and drive two miles to the entrance sign.  Turn east and meet at the parking lot at the HQ beside JC Murphey Lake.  Meet at 7 AM CST (8 AM EST).  Contact Ed Hopkins. Email[email protected]. Cell765.714.9913. Updated for 2020.

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