The Indiana Audubon Society encourages you to participate in the Global Big Day this Saturday, May 9th and use #BigIN20 to share with us! All you have to do is bird (from anywhere!) on May 9th and record your checklist on eBird. It’s that simple!

About Global Big Day

Organized by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the event provides a snapshot of all the birds in the world on one particular day. No matter where you bird or for how long, consider logging checklists into eBird to help scientists understand bird populations. You can log the species at your home, a local park, or one of the 60 sites listed in the Indiana Bird Trail (see link below).  If you do not have an eBird account, it is free, and the link below explains how to get started and become a citizen scientist.

Help Indiana Reach The Top 20

This is the 6th year that the Cornell Lab has hosted this event, and Indiana has ranked 23rd in the country with an average of 225 bird species seen each year. Overall, 258 species have been recorded in Indiana for this event. Our hope is that even though we need to practice social distancing guidelines, bird-watchers throughout the state will participate and submit checklists. Although we have seen an increase of checklists over the past 5 years, Indiana is only averaging 631 checklists for the event. We are confident that with more checklists, we can document more bird species in the state and then climb the ranks and break into the top 20 in the county! #BigIN20

Stay safe and go bird!


Global Big Day: Live Stats

Global Big Day: Information

Indiana Birding Trail: Locations & Info


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