ALRIGHT ALREADY!!! I know I’m a month behind on the Bird of the Month…LOL.

But…nothing like the approach of spring to get my birding juices flowing again. Most of us “birders” enjoy the speedy approach of spring as it brings in a flux of migratory birds as they head to breeding grounds in our state and beyond.

I have spent the past few weeks visiting family on the East Coast. During this time, I saw this month’s Bird of the Month in huge numbers. It is the Yellow-rumped Warbler. A local birder said to me, “You will probably get nauseous of ‘Butter Butts’ before you leave”. It soon became apparent to me what he meant, as the Yellow-rumped Warbler was, by far, the most plentiful bird species for that area. I could find no area were these warblers were not seen — regardless of habitat (parks and parking lots, grassland and gravel pits, farmlands and forests…could all produce these warblers). It is no exaggeration when I say this bird was in “huge numbers”.

There may be a few brave and hardy “Butter Butts” that will give Indiana a try as a resident during these cold winter months, but not very many. (So if you try hard enough you can find this bird in our state right now.) But in just a few short weeks we will definitely be seeing this bird in good numbers as it is our most numerous migratory warbler.

I agree with many birdwatchers who say, “Warblers are the jewels of the birding world”. Here in Indiana, the Yellow-rumped Warbler will be the first of many jewels during this spring’s migration season……and in just a few short weeks.


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