American Goldfinch male

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American Goldfinch

It’s one of the most iconic backyard birds in the world! Their striking yellow feathers and whimsical tones make the American Goldfinch a favorite among bird feeders everywhere. They especially love those sunflower seeds and nyjer!

American Goldfinch female by Shari McCollough

While the male goldfinch is easy to spot with his sun yellow colors, the female doesn’t share this resemblance. Look for more of a dull, burnt-yellow-brown on the females. Each year, these goldfinches molt their feathers twice, which is uncommon for finches. Many people use the male’s returning bright plumage as a sign of spring!

American Goldfinches are entirely vegetarians, except the occasional accidentally-swallowed insect. They build their nests in smaller shrubs and plants and they are common in suburban and urban areas. You can find the American Goldfinch year-round in Indiana and identify them by their “po-ta-to-chip” call!

Cover Photo: American Goldfinch male by Ryan Sanderson

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