Let’s go birding this fall! Join Indiana Audubon for our Fall Birding Bingo 2020, from September 1-November 15, 2020.  It’s a chance to revel in the fall migration and enjoy our outdoor recreation sites.

How do I play?

It’s simple.  Download the Fall Birding Bingo card Here.  Find five in a row from our five bird categories (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal).  The middle square is a FREE space if you’re an Indiana Audubon member.  You’ll receive one prize entry for each eligible 5 in a row.

On or before November 16,  send it to:
IAS Fall Birding Bingo
PO Box 820
Chesterton, IN 46304

or email your card to Brad Bumgardner (bbumgardner@indianaaudubon.org)

What do I win?

Red-breasted Nuthatch

Red-breasted Nuthatch by Shari McCollough

Honestly, not much! On or after November 20 we’ll draw the winners.  You could win one of these IAS prizes:

  • An Indiana Birding Trail commemorative sign
  • Project Owlnet T-shirt
  • Indiana Audubon T-shirt
  • Project Owlnet Beanie Hat
  • Indiana Birding Trail Guide Book

Have fun, go birding, and enjoy beautiful Fall in Indiana!

2020 Copyright ©  Indiana Audubon Society, Inc.

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