Tufted Titmouse by Mike Timmons

Photos courtesy of Mike Timmons of a Chipping Sparrow. American Goldfinches by Charles and Sharon Sorenson.

Summer Bird Count

The Indiana Audubon Society Summer Bird Count is a count used to determine which species are present during the months of June and July in any Indiana county. The count itself is similar to the IAS Big May Day Count in that counties are used as boundaries, the species’ type and numbers are counted, and mileage and hours spent in different habitats are kept. However, unlike the Big May Day Count, more than one day may be used to count birds during the 61-day period during June and July.

Because multiple days are allowed, different situations apply. For instance, if you cover the same area on multiple days, use only the maximum found on any one trip. If you cover a farm pond and you find 2 Killdeer on the first trip, 5 on the second trip and 4 on the third trip, use 5 as your total rather than the sum of 11 to keep from recounting the same birds. Also, in keeping track of miles and hours spent, use the following guideline: you should count all species and individuals, regardless as to whether you are actually birding or not. But because the “effort needed to locate the birds” is significant, you only need to keep track of the hours and miles actually birding. In other words, if you see a Green Heron while driving to work one morning, you may count the bird, but you do not need to include any hours/miles since you weren’t birding. The same is true if you happen to see a bird while doing yard work. But hours and miles should be noted when you are actually attempting to count and locate birds.

Count Form:

Excel File: Bird Count Form

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