Our various social media allows for members to share great information and fantastic things happening in Indiana. When interacting with other nature lovers, remember to treat each other with kindness and respect at all times.  Visit our Social Media Community Guidelines for information on how best to engage on our social media channels.

Due to it’s popularity as a rare bird reporting tool, we have additional guidelines that apply to the Indiana Dunes Rare Bird Telegram Group.

Indiana Dunes Rare Bird Telegram Group Guidelines

The Indiana Dunes Rare Bird Sightings group exists to report rare, wild bird sightings from Lake, Porter, LaPorte, and surrounding counties near NW Indiana. The spirit of the group is to report rare, infrequent, or hard to find Dunes Area species.

  • Please limit any and all off-topic discussion that does not pertain to the presence, absence, or accessibility issues in finding a bird species reported.
  • Be as specific and concise with sightings of species, including date/time, location, and any pertinent info.
  • There is no specific list of species to report, but generally if it flags on eBird it is worth reporting.
  • All birders should follow the ABA Birding Code of Ethics.
  • Please limit requests for sightings. If the bird is present, birders will report it. Trust us.
  • Additional comments, such as “thanks for adding me”, “good bird” or “on my way” should not be added to the group chat.
  • Specific questions and general observations should be sent VIA PRIVATE CHAT and not the entire group.
  • Rarity requirements are loosened during the Indiana Dunes Birding Festival each mid-May, and then returned back to rare status only species.
  • For questions on acceptable posts, please message a group Admin. Posts outside the guidelines are deleted.

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