The Indiana Bird Records Committee (IBRC) evaluates the evidence for records of birds that are rare or unusual in Indiana.  The IBRC maintains this Review List of birds for which the committee would like to receive documentation.  The information obtained from observers is used to maintain an accurate state checklist, monitor changes in migration, irruption, or vagrancy of certain species, and to serve as part of Indiana’s ornithological history.  A number of species are regular along the Lake Michigan shoreline but rare elsewhere in Indiana, which is why the IBRC asks these species be documented when found inland.  A few other species below are regular at very isolated locations and observations away from these sites are also worthy of documenting.  Anyone observing a bird on the Review List, or any bird not already on the official state list, is encouraged to submit written documentation along with any photographic evidence to the IBRC chairman.

*Immediately away from Lake Michigan
**Away from 50 mile radius of Lake Michigan
***Away from Gibson, Greene, and Spencer Counties
****Away from Vanderburgh County
*****Away from Lake County

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