The Indiana Bird Records Committee is providing summary results for records from 2011 to better communicate with birders.  Complete details of the records will continue to be published at least annually in theIndiana Audubon Quarterly, a publication received by Indiana Audubon members.  The results shown below do not reflect records still in circulation.

Species  IBRC Record Number  Location  Date  IBRC Decision
Yellow-billed Loon 0080-YBLO-005-JACK2009 Brownstown, Jackson Co. 5/17/2009 Not Accept
Pomarine Jaeger 0360-POJA-019-LAKE2010 Miller Beach, Lake Co. 11/5/2010 Accept Sight
Least Tern 0740-LETE-007-STJO2010 Potato Creek SP, St. Joseph Co. 5/27/2010 Not Accept
Brown Pelican 1260-BRPE-011-CLAR2009 Ohio River, Clark Co. 7/14/2009 Accept Verified
Red-cockaded Woodpecker 3950-RCWO-001-PERR1823 Near Troy, Perry Co. 4/25/1823 Not Accept
Boreal Chickadee 7400-BOCH-002-LAKE1952 Gary, Lake Co. 1/6/1952 Accept Verified
Green Violet-ear 4271-GREV-001-PERR2009 Leopold, Perry Co. 10/2-3/2009 Accept Verified
Pomarine Jaeger 0360-POJA-020-LAPO2010 Michigan City, LaPorte Co. 12/16-18/2010 Accept Verified
Slaty-backed Gull 0480-SBGU-002-LAKE2010 Lakefront, Lake Co. 12/29/2010-  01/2920/11 Accept Verified
Little Gull 0601-LIGU-005-STEU2010 Lake Gage, Steuben Co. 11/26/2010 Accept Sight
Ruff 2600-RUFF-010-DELA2011 Farmfield, rural Delaware Co. 4/30/2011 – 5/6/2011 Accept Verified
Swainson’s Hawk 3420-SWHA-014-JASP2010 Rural Jasper Co. 4/23/2009 Accept Sight
Swainson’s Hawk 3420-SWHA-015-PORT2011 Dunes State Park, Porter Co. 5/9/2011 Accept Sight
Crested Caracara 3620-CRCA-001-GIBS2011 Rural Gibson Co. 1/12/2011 Accept Verified
Vermilion Flycatcher 4710-VEFL-003-MARS2010 Homestead, Marshall Co. 11/29/2010 – 12/2/2010 Accept Verified
Neotropic Cormorant 1210-NECO-001-GREE2011 Goose Pond FWA, Greene Co.  6/14/2011 – 7/21/2011  Accept Verified
Black-bellied Whistling Duck 1770-BBWD-011-LAKE2011 Forsythe Park, Lake Co.   7/28-29, 2011  Accept Sight
Green Violetear 4271-GREV-002-FOUN2011 Private Residence, Fountain Co. 8/2/2011         Accept Verified
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher 4430-STFL-012-ELKH2011 Cobus Co. Park, Elkhart Co. 5/30/2011 – 6/2/2011 Accept Verified
Western Wood-Pewee 4620-WEWP-002-LAKE2011 Hoosier Prairie NP, Lake Co. 7/5-23, 2011 Accept Verified
Kirtland’s Warbler 6700-KIWA-006-WARN2011 Pine Creek Methodist Camp, Warren Co. 5/14/2011 Accept Sight


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