The Indiana Bird Records Committee is providing summary results for records from 2007 to better communicate with birders.  Complete details of the records will continue to be published at least annually in theIndiana Audubon Quarterly, a publication received by Indiana Audubon members.  The results shown below do not reflect records still in circulation.

Species IBRC Record Number Location Date IBRC Decision
Black-bellied Whistling-Duck 1770-BBWD-005-TIPP2007 West Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co. 3-4 Aug 2007 Accept
Cinnamon Teal 1410-CITE-010-GREE2007 Goose Pond FWA, Greene Co. 24 April 2007 Accept
King Eider 1620-KIEI-009-PORT2007 Dunes State Park, Porter Co. 10 Mar 2007 Accept
White Ibis 1840-WHIB-010-BENT2007 Pine Creek GHA, Benton Co. 1 July 2007 Accept
Glossy Ibis 1860-GLIB-010-GREE2007 Goose Pond FWA, Greene Co. 2 May 2007 Accept
Glossy Ibis 1860-GLIB-011-GIBS2007 Cane Ridge Wetlands, Gibson Co. 6 May 2007 Accept
Swallow-tailed Kite 3270-STKI-006-KNOX2007 Vincennes, Knox Co. 21 Aug 2007 Accept
Mississippi Kite 3290-MIKI-004-PORT2007 Dune State Park, Porter Co. 16 June 2007 Accept
Swainson’s Hawk 3420-SWHA-013-LAKE2007 Gary, Lake Co. 7 Aug 2007 Accept
Ferruginous Hawk 3480-FEHA-005-MONT2004 Crawfordsville, Montgomery Co. 26 Jan 2005 Not accept
Gyrfalcon 3540-GYRF-008-NEWT1982 Willow Slough FWA, Newton Co. 24 March 1982 Not accept
Yellow Rail 2150-YERA-006-GREE2007 Goose Pond FWA, Greene Co. 15-17 April 2007 Accept
Purple Gallinule 2180-PUGA-005-BOON2007 Thorntown, Boone Co. 24 Apr – 7 May 2007 Accept
Snowy Plover 2780-SNPL-005-GIBS2007 Gibson Lake, Gibson Co. 20-22 May 2007 Accept
Whimbrel 2650-WHIM-004-GREE2007 Goose Pond FWA, Greene Co. 30 April 2007 Accept
Red-necked Stint 2422-RNST-001-ELKH2007 Wakarusa, Elkhart Co. 23 May 2007 Accept, first state record
Curlew Sandpiper 2440-CUSA-001-ELKH2007 Wakarusa, Elkhart Co. 22 May 2007 Accept
Pomarine Jaeger 0360-POJA-015-LAKE2006 Miller Beach, Lake Co. 11 Nov 2006 Accept
Pomarine Jaeger 0360-POJA-016-LAKE2006 Miller Beach, Lake Co. 11 Nov 2006 Accept
Long-tailed Jaeger 0458-LTJA-021-LAKE2007 Gary, Lake Co. 30 Aug 2007 Accept
Little Gull 0601-LIGU-004-WABA2006 Salamonie Reservoir, Wabash Co. 11 Nov 2006 Accept
California Gull 0530-CAGU-021-LAKE2006 Hammond Bird Sanctuary, Lake Co. 24 Jan and 2 Feb 2006 Not accept
Great Black-backed Gull 0470-GBBG-001-GIBS2007 Gibson Lake, Gibson Co. 24 February 2007 Accept
White-winged Dove 3190-WWDO-011-ADAM2007 Monroe, Adams Co. 27-28 Jun 2007 Accept
White-winged Dove 3190-WWDO-012-PARK2007 Marshall, Parke Co. 1 May 2007 Accept
Black-chinned Hummingbird 4290-BCHU-002-GIBS2006 Princeton, Gibson Co. 29 Oct – 15 Dec 2006 Accept, first state record
Western Kingbird 4470-WEKI-016-PULA2007 Pulaski Co. 9-19 June 2007 Accept
Western Kingbird 470-WEKI-017-LAKE2007 Gary, Lake Co. 11 Aug 2007 Accept
Boreal Chickadee 7400-BOCH-001-ALLE1976 Fort Wayne, Allen Co 8-12 May 1976 Accept
Spotted Towhee 2630-SPTO-006-HAMI2006 Fishers, Hamilton Co. 23 Oct 2006 Not accept
Black-headed Grosbeak 5960-BHGR-006-CLAR2006 Charlestown, Clark Co. Apr-May 2006 Not accept
Bullock’s Oriole 5080-BUOR-001-SCOT2007 Austin, Scott Co. 1 Jan – 15 Apr 2007 Accept, first state record
Spotted Towhee 2630-SPTO-007-LAKE2007 Hammond, Lake Co. 26 April 2007 Accept

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