The Indiana Bird Records Committee is providing summary results for records from 2005 to better communicate with birders.  Complete details of the records will continue to be published at least annually in theIndiana Audubon Quarterly, a publication received by Indiana Audubon members.  The results shown below do not reflect records still in circulation.

Species IBRC Record Number Location Date IBRC Decision
Black-bellied Whistling-Duck 1770-BBWD-003-GIBS2005 Gibson Power Plant, Gibson Co. 14 July 2005 Accept
Pacific Loon 0100-PALO-017-LAPO2004 Michigan City Harbor, LaPorte Co. 9 Nov 2004 Accept  
Northern Gannet 1170-NOGA-005-LAKE2004 Miller Beach, Lake Co. 26 Oct 2004 Accept
Brown Pelican 1260-BRPE-010-MONR2005 Lake Monroe, Monroe Co. 29 July 2005 Accept
Tricolored Heron 1990-TRHE-008-GIBS1981 Gibson Power Plant,  Gibson Co. 17 May 1981 Accept    
White Ibis 1840-WHIB-008-NEWT2005 Kankakee Sands, Newton Co. 13 May 2005 Accept
Glossy Ibis 1860-GLIB-009-STEU2005 Orland, Steuben Co. 5 April – 2 May 2005 Accept
Swallow-tailed Kite (2) 3270-STKI-005-ELKH2005 Wakarusa, Elkhart Co. 1 Sept 2005 Accept
Black Rail 2160-BLRA-002-NEWT2004 Kankakee Sands, Newton Co. 13-15 June 2004 Accept
Purple Gallinule 2180-PUGA-003-OWEN2005 Spencer, Owen Co. 14 April 2005 Accept
Whimbrel 2650-WHIM-003-SULL near Sullivan, Sullivan Co. 14 Sept 2005 Accept
Red Phalarope 2220-REPH-004-MONR2004 Bloomington, Monroe Co. 12-16 Oct 2004 Accept
Long-tailed Jaeger 0458-LTJA-018-LAKE2005 Marquette Beach, Lake Co. 21 Aug 2005 Accept
Long-tailed Jaeger 0458-LTJA-019-LAKE2005 Marquette Beach, Lake Co. 27 Aug 2005 Accept
Long-tailed Jaeger 0458-LTJA-020-LAKE2005 Lake Street Beach, Lake C0. 20 Sept 2005 Accept
Glaucous Gull 0420-GLGU-003-GIBS2005 Princeton, Gibson Co. 8-9 January 2005 Accept
Sabine’s Gull 0620-SAGU-005-BENT2004 Pine Creek GHA, Benton Co. 17 Oct 2004 Accept 
Black-legged Kittiwake 0400-BLKI-002-MARI2005 Eagle Creek Park, Marion Co. 26 Feb 2005 Accept
Black-legged Kittiwake 0400-BLKI-003-GIBS2005 Gibson Lake, Gibson Co. 9 Jan 2005 Accept
Black Skimmer 0800-BLSK-002-LAKE2004 Wolf Lake/Forsythe Park, Lake Co. 10-12 Oct 2005 Accept
Black Skimmer 0800-BLSK-003-HAMI2004 Morse Reservoir, Hamilton Co. 16 Oct 2005 Accept
Black Skimmer 0800-BLSK-004-GIBS2005 Gibson Lake, Gibson Co. 23 May 2005 Accept
White-winged Dove 3190-WWDO-007-MONT2005 Crawfordsville, Montgomery Co. 4-5 May 2005 Accept
Rufous Hummingbird 4330-RUHU-011-GRAN2004 Gas City, Grant Co. before 15 Oct – 15 Dec 2004 Accept
Rufous Hummingbird 4330-RUHU-012-MONR2003 Bloomington, Monroe Co. 11 Nov 2003 – 8 Jan 2004 Accept
Rufous Hummingbird 330-RUHU-013-WARR2004 Boonville, Warrick Co. late Oct – 23 Dec 2004 Accept
Rufous Hummingbird 4330-RUHU-015-WARR2004 Newburgh, Warrick Co. 6 Nov – 22 Dec 2004 Not accept; accept Selasphorus sp.
Say’s Phoebe 4570-SAPH-006-SULL2005 Hawthorne Mine, Sullivan Co. 27-28 Aug 2005 Accept
Western Kingbird 4470-WEKI-005-LAPO1994 Kingsbury Ind. Park, LaPorte Co. 2 July 2994 – ? Accept
Western Kingbird 4470-WEKI-012-PORT2005 Dunes State Park, Porter Co. 9 May 2005 Accept
Western Kingbird 4470-WEKI-013-VERM2005 Universal Mine, Vermillion Co. 21 May 2005 Accept
Western Kingbird 4470-WEKI-015-LAKE2005 Miller Beach, Lake Co. 25 June 2005 Accept
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher 4430-STFL-006-DUBO2004 Huntingburg, Dubois Co. 29-31 Oct 2004 Accept
Fork-tailed Flycatcher 4420-FTFL-001-WARR2003 Blue Grass FWA, Warrick Co. 2 June 2003 Not accept
Rock Wren 7150-ROWR-001-RAND1977 Winchester, Randolph Co. 18-21 October 1977 Accept
Varied Thrush 7630-VATH-011-PORT2003 Valparaiso, Porter Co. 20 Dec. 2003 – 8 April 2004 Accept
Black-throated Gray Warbler 6650-BTYW-002-ALLE2004 Fort Wayne, Allen Co. 31 Aug – 29 Sept 2004 Accept; first verified record

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