Founded in 1898, Indiana Audubon Society is dedicated to fostering the appreciation of migrant and resident bird species that are present in Indiana and other regional areas of the world.  Our organization also strives to support educational efforts that will promote future generations continuing this tradition in perpetuity.  Appreciating the aesthetic contributions that birds provide is an important mission of the Society.  Additionally, recognizing that bird species populations are important monitors of the global ecological status, they provide the Society with additional motivation for the formal documentation of birds present in the region during various seasons of the year.

To advance this purpose, the IAS holds annual elections at its annual membership meeting. Current members have the option to vote via proxy below should they not be able to attend the membership meeting on Saturday, October 5 at Brown County State Park.  For those wishing to attend, please see the IAS Fall Festival event page.

The following have been nominated to serve on the Board of Directors in 2020.

Nominated for President (Vote for One)
Amy Wilms — Connersville
Amy Wilms has served IAS in multiple capacities over 12 years (current webmaster, past: Secretary, VP -2 years, and President -3 years). Amy is a master bird bander (hummingbirds, songbirds, and Northern Saw-whet Owls). Recent collaborations built the first permanent MOTUS tower for tracking birds in Indiana. Amy lives at the Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary where much of her banding research takes place. During her tenure as IAS President her teambuilding skills saw IAS membership increase 37.9%. In 2013, Amy received the James Mason award for outstanding dedication and service to Indiana Audubon and its mission.

Nominated for Vice-President (Vote for One)
Kimberly Ehn — Porter
Kim is currently Vice-President of Indiana Audubon and is interested in advancing her involvement in its leadership. She chairs the Awards Committee which distributes the Mumford & Keller Grants/Scholarships, Brooks Award, and Mason Service Award. She participates in the Dunes Birding Festival Committee and organizes and leads their Youth & Family Birding Day. As adviser to the North Chapter of the Indiana Young Birders Club, Kim arranges for monthly outings for families. She is Fall Field Editor for the Indiana Audubon Quarterly and has written for The Cardinal. Kim enjoys birding with others and sharing that joy with families and beginning birders.

Nominated for Treasurer (Vote for One)
Josh Hill–¬† CarmelJosh Hill is an avid birder, hike, backpacker, fisherman and Advanced Master Naturalist living in Carmel. It is Josh‚Äôs desire to leverage his academic and professional training and field experience into a life-long passion for natural sciences and in helping leadership achieve their goal in the education of both youth and adults, as well as seniors in the community. Josh has a Bachelors degree from Ball State University in Natural Resource Management and has done field work with the Indiana DNR, US Forest Service, and Monroe County Health Department. Josh also have board governance experience with the Boy Scouts of America and Northminster Presbyterian Church.

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Nominated for Secretary (Vote for One)
Angela Clark ‚Äď Wanatah
Angela Clark has two sons, a daughter-in-law, and enjoys time with her four grandchildren. She has an Associate Degree in Computer Programming and a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies. She is currently employed as a Technical Writer with CSI in Valparaiso (Porter County).
Angela remembers always being interested in the natural environment. She has fed backyard birds for years and always enjoys watching the birds. She likes to look for Red-tailed Hawks along the roads.

Formerly at the Indiana Dunes State Park, Angela became more interested in birds. She started helping with the Indiana Dunes Birding Festival three years ago, and last year, she helped at the Fall Festival.




Nominated for Board of Directors (Vote for Three)
Joni James— Martinsville

Joni James is a retired Speech Therapist, has worked as an Environmental Educator, High Ability/Gifted Educator and lives in Morgan County. She has been a supporter of Indiana Audubon Society since 1982. In 2018, she received the IAS Earl Brooks Conservation Award.

Joni has been interested in nature and birds since 6th grade. She completed her Advanced Master Naturalist certification in 2013 and was formerly a Certified Interpretive Guide through the National Association for Interpretation.

Joni has a nature photography website (, conducts nature programs (FB: Joni L. James/Heronwatch Nature Programs) and self-published the book, Dancing with Herons: Bearing Witness to Local Natural History (2011).

Shari McCollough- Crawfordsville
Shari McCollough resides in Crawfordsville (Montgomery Co) with her husband Larry. They have five children and two grandsons. They live on a small farm where she raises exhibition poultry and rabbits.
Shari loves anything that brings her outdoors; gardening, arrowhead hunting, hiking, camping, fishing and of course birding. She also has a huge passion for photography, and mainly focuses on birds but also dabbles in landscape and macro. Her desire to learn more about birds came from her photography journey, which then brought her to Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary and Indiana Audubon.
Shari currently serves on the Mary Gray Sanctuary Committee, is completing her first term as a Board Member and an Executive Committee Member, and is also Membership Chair.
Having led several bird walks, Shari enjoys sharing her love for birds with anyone who will listen. She really enjoys volunteering and giving back. It would be her honor to serve another term with the Indiana Audubon Society.

Richard Garrett- Greenfield
Richard Garrett studied Environmental Science at Delta State University in Cleveland, MS. His major professor was an avid birder and instilled that passion in him. He then worked in the Agricultural industry for the next 12 years. He currently works in Low Voltage technology focusing on the hospitality industry.
Richard has always enjoyed being outdoors and he claims birding as a good excuse to spend more time there. He has been leading numerous birding trips over the past year and really enjoys sharing his free time passion with other birders.
Having served on the Board of Directors for the past year, Richard hopes to continue for a full three year term, if elected. One of his priorities is to get the Ruffed Grouse designated as a State Endangered species.

All members in good standing may vote via proxy below.  Deadline to vote is October 4, 2019.  

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