Indiana for the Birds

Our Hoosier children are naturally curious about birds, animals, and all our amazing natural resources found in this great state. In 2018, Indiana Audubon is bringing the birds to classrooms near you!  Through grant funding from the Efroymson Family Fund, and donations from Global Harvest Foods, 50 classrooms will receive the Indiana for the Birds educational packet, bird feeders, and seed to expand their knowledge of the birds that live around us.  Select schools will also get live birds of prey in the classroom, courtesy the Eagle Creek Ornithology Center.  This educational packet provides activities for observing birds, learning about the birds in their own habitats, their behavior and survival, and opportunities to learn more about the birds in our own backyard through interactive outdoor experiences. They can observe birds up close. Indiana for the Birds themes include:

1. What do you know about birds?
2. What are feathers? How do they help birds?
3. How are beaks useful to birds? Why are they different?
4. What sounds do birds make? Are they all the same?
5. What are nests? How are they made? How do they help birds?
6. How do birds survive?
7. What is migration? Why do birds migrate? Do all birds migrate?
8. What are the common bird species we see in our backyard?

Want to be part of the Indiana for the Birds movement?  Simply fill out the simple form below.  Live bird of prey programs are available to the first 8 classrooms in Marion County.  Interested in bringing your classroom to our Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary outdoor classroom, email us today!

The online application process is now CLOSED!  Thanks to everyone who submitted applications for the full educational kit.  If you’d like the educational guide emailed to you, simply email us.

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