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Indiana Dunes Birding Festival 2019

May 16 - May 19


May 16-19, 2019

Hosted at the Indiana Audubon Society in Chesterton, IN on the
beautiful shores of Lake Michigan

About the FestivalIDBF logo

The Indiana Dunes Birding Festival is an annual event that showcases the abundance of migratory birds in the Indiana Dunes.

Birding in the Indiana Dunes is the best the state has to offer. With its rich biodiversity, varying habitats and miles of Lake Michigan shoreline, the Indiana Dunes is a hotspot for migrant and resident birds. The Indiana Dunes Birding Festival is an event designed to celebrate the dunes area’s various birding habitats and bird watching opportunities to create a positive impact on the economic, conservation, and environmental education for visitors and residents to the Indiana Dunes region.

Mark Your Calendar Now!

The 2019 festival looks to offer even more in specialized field trips, pelagic boat tours,  interactive programs, ID workshops, behind the scenes tours, artisan events, and more.  The Migration Marketplace will offer a chance to browse many great birding relating vendors, from optics, bird feed shops, tour companies, and more.  The Dune Birds in Art Exhibition will be back in 2019 as well.  Special room blocks are available for folks coming from around the region.  Learn more and register at www.indunesbirdingfestival.com and follow us on Facebook!  Registration begins on February 24 for IAS members, and March 3 for the general public.

Festival Keynote: Laura Erickson
Laura’s Best Bird EVER!
Saturday 5:30pm – 9:30pm / Sand Creek Country Club

Have you ever had such a perfect look at a bird, or watched it in such perfect circumstances, that you thought it had to be the best bird ever? Laura Erickson has found herself saying exactly that on many occasions, from special glimpses at abundant chickadees to her one and only glimpse at one of the rarest birds on the planet, the Horned Guan. Some of the birds she’s seen in her travels to four continents made the grade, but so did some of the special individuals she’s seen in her own backyard. Sometimes looking for the best bird ever can open our minds and hearts to much, much more. Add the festival keynote dinner, presentation, and silent auction to your registration for $26.


Festival Headliner: Joel Greenberg
Changing Birds of the Chicago Region
Thursday 11:30am – 12:30pm / Indiana Dunes Visitor Center

The 19 counties of the Chicago region offered a wide array of habitat including extensive forests, savannas, prairies, wetlands, and numerous glacial lakes ranging from the small to Lake Michigan. Add to that its central location and it has hosted an equal variety of birds. Roughly 400 species have been recorded here of which about 300 occur annually. Joel will explore the changes that have been occurring since the first European settlers arrived in 1673. Many species once common are now gone, but others now inhabit the area in numbers greater than they ever did historically. If you were here in 1850, ravens would be common on the grasslands and crows restricted to woods, while white pelicans were almost unknown and double-crested cormorants merely passed through in small numbers.

Festival Headliner: Tim Gallagher
In Search of the Cuban Ivorybill
Friday 11:30am – 12:30pm / Indiana Dunes Visitor Center

The ivory-billed woodpecker has long been the Holy Grail of birding. Found only in the southern United States and Cuba, its numbers plummeted in the late 19th century due to habitat destruction and wanton killing, and many fear it is now extinct. But Tim has never given up on the bird. He was one of the searchers who spotted a lone ivory-bill in an Arkansas bayou in 2004. And just recently, he took his search to the rugged mountains of eastern Cuba and spent two weeks scouring the last-known haunts of the species. Join Tim as he recounts his adventures and shares pictures of his exciting journey to Cuba.Tim Gallagher is an award-winning author, wildlife photographer and magazine editor. Currently editor-in-chief of Living Bird, the flagship publication of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Festival Headliner: Jim Carpenter
A Bird Feeding Geek’s Guide to Backyard Birding
Saturday 11:30am – 12:30pm / Indiana Dunes Visitor Center

Jim Carpenter, Founder of Wild Birds Unlimited, shares his 40 years of experience attracting and enjoying the birds that share our backyards. Jim will share tips on foods and feeders, habitats for birds, problem solving solutions for squirrels, raccoons and more and fun facts about our avian visitors, including work on his popular book, the Joy of Bird Feeding.


Festival Headliner: Amy Wilms
Hummingbirds: Our Flying Gems!
Sunday 11:30am – 12:30pm / Indiana Dunes Visitor Center

Hummingbirds amaze us with their ability to survive as the world’s smallest birds.  Their own lives bring both excitement and joy to our own as they allow a peek into their lives through visitation to our various feeders we put up.  Amy Wilms has handled and banded thousands of these tiny gems in her study of their migration through Indiana. Explore their fascinating lives in this special headliner presentation on the last day of the Indiana Dunes Birding Festival.

Full the full schedule of programs, workshops, and field trips, and to register visit www.indunesbirdingfestival.com.



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