The Indiana Audubon Society is committed to principles of diversity and inclusion in its programs and its interactions with members and the public. Indiana Audubon Society believes in creating a more equitable and inclusive birding community. We strive to reach out to diverse communities so that all people may experience what birding offers.

We know that birding is not removed from the impact of systemic racism and violence that has claimed the lives of innocent people of diverse races or ideas.  Indiana Audubon condemns this racism and stands alongside the many protesters around the world working end it.

Black lives matter and Black birders matter. Indiana Audubon strives to be a welcoming membership to all who enjoy our natural resources and wild birds that thrive in the Hoosier state.

As a Society, Indiana Audubon strives to meet these values by resolving to take on the following efforts.

  • We seek to increase representation by seeking Black, Indigenous and people of color for interviews, presentations, photography, writing, and other media, both written, online, and social.
  • Our Nominating Committee has pledged to seek out Black, Indigenous and people of color to fill board of director and committee roles as they become available.
  • Indiana Audubon wishes to remove barriers to membership for Black, Indigenous and people of color by providing basic individual or family memberships at no cost to those individuals wishing to add their voice to our organization. These members will assist us moving towards a more diverse and inclusive organization. The first 10 member effort is underway, and if you’re a person of color email us at to join Indiana Audubon.


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