Big May Day Bird Count

11 May 2019

The objective of the BMDBC is to count the number of birds of each species occurring in a participating county area from midnight to midnight on the second Saturday in May. This data snapshot provides a valuable scientific record of the bird populations occurring each year in Indiana. The results are compiled, analyzed, and published in the Indiana Audubon Quarterly.

Count Date

The Big May Day Bird Count is conducted every year by the Indiana Audubon Society. It is held on the second Saturday in May each year. The 2019 BMDBC will be held on 11 May. Save the Date now!


We are using an online form to collect the date. Please see see the links below to access the instructions about the count.

Please feel free to contact Matt Kalwasinki ( if you have questions about the count!

Instructions (online)

Online Form

following may be downloaded and to use as your checklist during the count.

Field Data Sheet (printable)

Bird Tally Sheet (printable)

Field Sheets

Contact Information

Editor – Matt Kalwasinki (

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