Indiana Audubon is excited to launch the Indiana Birding Discord server, a dynamic online community meant to bring birding enthusiasts from all corners of the Hoosier State together. This new statewide Discord server acts as a central hub for the swift exchange of bird sightings in real-time, simplifying the experience for birders and replacing the numerous scattered alerts across several online platforms, ranging from Facebook to WhatsApp to Telegram.

As more states transition to this platform for their rare bird alert systems, the Indiana Birding Discord server will become a new go-to resource for connecting with fellow birders of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels to share their love of birds and birding.

We encourage birders to actively participate in the server by promptly posting their sightings, including specifics, such as time and location. GPS coordinates or Google Maps pins are highly recommended to enhance the information accuracy and accessibility, adding to the success of this invaluable resource.

To get started, simply download the Discord app on your smartphone, set up your account, and join the Indiana Birding server.

For step-by-step guidance, refer to Discord’s detailed “Getting Started on Mobile” guide. And for more in-depth information about the Indiana Birding Discord server, covering categories, channels, reportable species, and more, check out our guide at

Ready to dive into Indiana Birding? Join us on Discord today! Spread the word and invite your birding friends to join the flock.


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