Indiana Audubon Society members have watched the devastation and impact that Hurricane Harvey has had on Texas this past week. As conservationists, you also recognize the human infrastructural damage as well as the natural resource damage that is currently occurring. Natural habitats are being altered by this unprecedented event. We’ve seen birds being displaced by the storm, seeking out of range habitat further inland, drowning bats being saved under bridges, as well as concerns about habitat loss for the wintering, federally endangered Whooping Cranes, still on their summer grounds in Canada.

There are countless ways for our members to donate towards the relief efforts, whether in person, in-kind, or through direct financial assistance. We encourage those that wish to donate through the many avenues to do so, particularly the American Red Cross.

Though IAS will not be asking for your donation via a society sponsored collection, we would like to encourage our members to consider donating to Audubon Texas today. Audubon Texas is the National Audubon Society region operating statewide in Texas, and includes local chapters such as the Houston Audubon. Audubon Texas will be there on the ground, long after the storm has passed, conserving and restoring habitats for resident and migratory birds.

We thank you for all you do in our appreciation and conservation of birds.

Your Indiana Audubon Society Board of Directors


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