Woodland, gentle hills, creek valley, old field succession; 0.5 miles

(Woodland, gentle hills, creek valley, old field succession; 0.5 miles)

The Woodpecker Trail is the newest of the trails at MGBS.  The trailhead is on the Tulip Poplar Trail.  To find this trailhead, leave the parking area and pass the large shelter on the way to the ponds.  Walk between the second and third pond.  Be alert for pond species that may be present.  Circle to the right around the third pond and find the Tulip Poplar bridge that carries you across the creek.  Follow the Tulip Poplar trail to the right.  A few yards down this trail, you will find the trailhead sign indicating that the trail leaves to the east (left).

The trail ascends through some old pines and then settles into a small valley that has a footbridge carrying across the marshy forest floor.  The trail then climbs up the east side and walks through the forest.  The trail then crosses into a stand of locust trees.  Among the locust trees, the trail is joined by Cardinal Trail from the right.  The Woodpecker and Cardinal Trails proceed to the left and eventually enter an old field succession area.  The Cardinal Trail leaves to the right as the Woodpecker Trail proceeds to the left and down a gentle slope through the field.  As it re-enters the woods, the trail continues downhill and rejoins the Tulip Poplar Trail at the bridge leading back to the ponds.


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