Tulip Poplar Trail

Hilliest of the trails at MGBS, Creek habitat, mature forest, open fields, prairie

Quick Trail Description

Hilliest of the trails at MGBS, Creek habitat, mature forest, open fields, prairie.

Length of Trail

Approximately 1.5 mile

Detailed Trail Description

The Tulip Poplar Trail is named for the majestic Tulip trees that stand along its trail at the southern portion of its loop. This is the longest trail on the property and has several foot bridges and hills to engage. At the end of the trail it joins the service road which requires a lengthy uphill walk to return to the main area.

  • Begin the trial by passing the large picnic shelter next to the parking area and walking between the second and third ponds. This is a fine opportunity to view water species that inhabit pond environments.
  • Circle to the right and follow the bank of the third pond until the trailhead appears on the left. The bridge spans large Silurian limestone bedrock as it takes you into the forest.
  • The trail accompanies the creek for some distance and presents a good opportunity to observe edge and watercourse birds and other wildlife. The trail eventually leaves the creek as it weaves into the woods, crosses several small woodland meadows and footbridges and eventually turns up a ridge and enters a mature forest. Woodland species abound as the trail crests a hill and sinks into another valley where the property’s largest tulip and oak trees reach past the understory and into the sunlight above.
  • The trail then skirts the southern property boundary overlooking a large creek below on the adjacent property. A gradual descent returns the walker to the creek meadow that has paw-paw trees and walnuts in abundance.
  • The flatland walk soon joins the service road.
  • To return to the main area follow the road to the right (north) and enjoy the open fields for the habitat they provide. The road will ascend to the prairie, crest the ridge, and then descend back to the parking area.

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