A linking trail that connects the service road and Viburnum Trail

Quick Trail Description

A linking trail that connects the service road and Viburnum Trail, fairly flat trail.

Length of Trail

Approximately 0.5 mile; a 0.26 mile walk is requires to get to the trailhead

Detailed Trail Description

This trail’s main attraction is a perimeter walk of the tall grass prairie that was established on the property in the early 1990’s. During the spring and summer months, visitors will enjoy the numerous butterflies and birds that reside in this habitat. Common Yellow-throated warblers, Indigo buntings, and both Chipping and Field sparrows are frequent breeding birds in this established prairie. If you are a lucky visitor in the spring, American Woodcocks can be seen at dusk and early mornings quite frequently. Stop by one of the houses located on the property and the residents will be happy to show visitors the best viewing areas!

  • Walk from the parking area along the service road. When cresting the hill, the old barn foundation (used to collect debris) will be passed on the right.
  • Descend the hillside with the prairie on the right.
  • At the base of the hill/prairie, the service road will continue down a hill to the left but this marks the beginning of the Prairie Trail on your right.
  • This area tends to be very wet during wet weather conditions. The trail leads around the prairie with paths that cross the prairie as well.
  • The Trail can end back at the top of the hill where the barn foundation is, or it can be followed into the woods where the trail post indicates.
  • Crossing a short bridge into the young woods will lead to an intersection with Beech Trail and then lead to Viburnum Trail at the edge of one of MGBS’s mowed fields. This is the official end of this trail.

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