Locust Trail

Quick Trail Description

Short trail connecting the main area to the Beech Trail

Length of Trail

Approximately .25 miles

Detailed Trail Description

This trail is a connector to Beech Trail and is frequently used when Perkins Meadow is a visitor’s destination.

  • Leaving the parking area, walk closely behind Brooks Hall.
  • Continue past the bird viewing area and the trailhead is cut in the forest wall. Upon entering the forest, the trail splits.
  • Locust goes to the left (NW) and the Beech Trail continues behind the #1 Residence.
  • This trial walks uphill through some old pines, crosses the dike built to keep hillside run-off from flooding Brooks Hall, and continues up through an old locust stand. This trial can be muddy at times due to heavy traffic of maintenance vehicles.
  • The trail then exits the forest into Perkins Meadow. This meadow is mowed biannually for habitat. The trail joins Beech Trail near the top of the incline. The Locust Trail ends at this point.

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