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The Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary participates in banding research projects almost year round. Visitors are welcome to visit during mornings when we band to learn more about the research we are conducting along with long nights when Northern Saw-whet Owls arrive.

Amy Wilms became a Master Bird Bander in 2017 after working with Dr. David Russell (passerines and near passerines) and Allen Chartier (hummingbirds) for over 6 years.

Our Banding Research

  • Spring and Fall migration banding
  • Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship (MAPS)
  • Northen Saw-whet Owl banding
  • Hummingbird Banding

Join Us

Banding events occur most weekends in the spring, summer, and fall. Visitors are welcome to watch and learn more about bird banding and the research being conducted at the Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary.

Banding Dates and Information

Banding begins at sunrise. Please feel free to join us!

A few tips:

1. If it is raining – we won’t band. Send me a message to check if I’m opening up nets. I’ll also try my best to send out reminders through the season a day before if we can’t band due to weather. IF it looks like rain on a Saturday  – we’ll move the date to Sunday if folks can help.

2. Nets go up at sunrise. During the summer, I try to start putting nets up at 6am. If you are coming from far away, no worries. If I know ahead of time that I have limited help I can put nets up the night before and get them up on my own. First net check is at 7am (or so).

3. Everyone is welcome to spend the night before at the Sanctuary! Camping is always available. We love having folks join us and welcome everyone!

4. Remember: Bug spray (we keep some on hand), dress in layers (for the cool mornings), hiking shoes, and clothes without buttons or things hanging off of them (that get caught in the nets).

I’m really looking forward to this year of banding. If we are slow – we’ll band hummingbirds!

Summer Banding Dates-

Can be located on the event calendar.

If rain is predicted on a Saturday, we’ll band on Sunday.During slow times – we’ll be targeting removing invasive plants if hummingbirds are not an option. Please consider helping us out during these times, too!
Questions? Feel free to contact me!

Phone: 765-309-2958 (call or text)
Email: [email protected]

Contact Us

Contact Amy or Carl Wilms for more information!

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