The Beech Trail is named for hosting some large beech trees along its course.

Quick Trail Description

Hilly, open fields, mature forest, creek, succession forest, prairie

Length of Trail

Approximately 1.5 miles

Detailed Trail Description

The Beech Trail is named for hosting some large beech trees along its course.

  • Starting at the parking area, follow the service road up to the top of the initial hill. At this former home site be sure to look over the prairie.
  • Continue to the right of the small barn and descend through the young successional forest. This path will junction with Prairie Trail midway down the hill. Crossing a small bridge signals the entry into the mature forest. The trail follows the stream and is joined by Cornus Trail and then “Biology Bridge” (so named by the biology class that built its predecessor). The trail to the left connects to the Woods Loop Trail. The Beech Trail will slowly ascend, following the creek for a while, passing some large beech and tulip poplar trees.
  • The trail then continues to the east through the Perkins Meadow. It joins Locust Trail which comes in from the right. However, the Beech Trail continues to the left, descends back into the forest and down a series of steep steps into a creek valley.
  • At the beginning of the large footbridge, the Beech Trail continues to the right and slowly climbs a ridge giving a good view of the creek valley below.
  • At the top of the ridge, the #1 Residence appears as the trail loops to the right and then exits at the back of Brooks Hall. The parking area is straight ahead.

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