Rentals at the Sanctuary

If you are looking for a unique location to celebrate your wedding day, the Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary is available to rent. Wedding rentals include the use of Markle Barn, Brooks Hall, and the surrounding grounds. Many couples choose the area in front of the barn for their outdoor wedding and the Sanctuary offers celebrations like no others!

Brooks Hall

Brooks Hall is the main hall at the property. Brooks Hall can accommodate both meetings and dinner programs, and has modern restroom facilities.  Program capacity approximately 75 people theater style, A selection of tables and chairs are available for various functions.

Markle Barn

The Markle Barn is divided into and a separate upstairs and downstairs, with a stairway providing direct connation between the two.  The upstairs is popular with musical and arts performances, and has been used for ceremonies of various types. The downstairs holds a full service kitchen, with appliances and plates, cups, cutlery for use.  Dining services provide a beautiful view over the MGBS ponds just outside the windows.  The barn is a perfect family reunion destination!

Large Shelter

The large shelter is a secure and rain-free space with picnic tables available for your family event. The concrete pad keeps everything secure and dry, even in rain.

Daily Rental Rates:

Rental hours run from 8:00am ET to 11:00pm ET, and include signed rental agreement.

  • $50: Large Shelter
  • $300: Markle Barn Upstairs Only (including immediate grounds)
  • $300: Markle Barn Downstairs Only
  • $500: Markle Barn Complete
  • $500: Brooks Hall
  • $1000: Markle Barn & Brooks Hall

Wedding rentals are currently on hold, as we seek a wedding event facilitator.  Interested in contracting for wedding facilitations services, contact us!

Interested in a rental?  Contact us Here


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